Real Life: How I Roll

I am joining in with Jessica over at Farm Fresh for another glimpse into my real life. This week is themed How I Roll. Jessica instructed us to post pictures of our means of transportation. For the Hubs we drive "Bessie 2." C'mon Bessie! It's your week to shine!

Actually, she's not too shiny though she did get a bath on Sunday. It's super dusty here - those Pledge wipes and I are tight!


Anyways, Bessie 2 has been a faithful friend to our growing family. She has taken us all over the place, without even a hiccup. Nissans are good like that. Her latest and greatest adventure was the drive from Vermont to New Mexico. Can I get a "You GO, Girl!" She performed flawlessly and we are very thankful.

We have tried about every different arrangement of carseats possible. I think we have finally settled on the optimal arrangement, for now anyways.


It was touch and go there for awhile! Who knew there could be such a quandary when it comes to carseat placement!


Bessie 2 has been privy to many, many deep, life changing conversations. And some not so deep but just plain silly ones too! Daniel and I have spent a lot of time in those seats! That white paper is my syllabus from my photography class last night. I survived! Whoo-hoo! Anyways...


You see that thing (I don't know what it's called) in between the two front seat? When Daniel and I hold hands in the car - you do that too, right? - that middle thing is perfect to rest them on.

Oh! A handrest, right? It's called a handrest, duh! Right?? Seriously, I should know what that thing is!


And then there is the stuff. Here, in the middle row we have a sun screen, a reusable shopping bag from Whole Foods, a basket of toys, my sling for Eliza, and a air pump. What you can't see in this picture is the DVD player tucked in the back pocket and the wires... Oh, the wires we have in this van. They are enough to drive me batty.


You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we can fit in this van. Some, like my mom, my grandparents, and I think Tarrah and Sam, have witnessed the phenomenon that is Daniel "the packer." He is amazing. God knew just what He was doing when He put us together. When I go shopping, to Albuquerque or when we lived in Vermont, to Boston... I go shopping. And somehow, someway, Daniel always packs it all in Bessie 2 and away we go. I love him, but not just for his packing talents. There are other reasons, like his muscles for example...

So, that is how I roll. Happy Real Life day to you... If you would like, you can join in over at Jessica's!
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