The "Andie" Bag
So there I was casually browsing J.Crew's sale; I was checking out the handbags, because I do love a good bag, you know. I don't have any but I love them just the same. I was checking out the Peyton bag (in Almond Flame, thanks), hatin' the Provence large straw bag (gag... that bag is horrid), totally diggin' the "Frankie" bag (in Cherry Guava, naturally) when my eyes fell upon this:

The "Andie" bag. Right there in bold type... It's my bag! My bag! With my name! And, it's red! Of course. Anything else would have been sacrilege to the name Andie, though I do see it comes in charcoal also. Funny, it just happens I am wearing a charcoal colored shirt today so we're all good.

I love everything about this pretty little bag; but how could I not, she's my namesake. So feminine, shiny, and soft, but you can plainly see she carries herself with a little bit of sass...

Unfortunately, the price tag does not follow in the footsteps of all things GREAT about the bag. I forgive J.Crew; they got everything else right on the money.

I have a BAG named after me, ya'll!

No, I'm not a narcissist.... Really.

*Post (rant) from 1 year ago today: When Is Thanksgiving Going To Be Here
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