A Cup of Coffee
Do you remember how I told you I don't consume caffeine when I am nursing? I bet some of you thought I was a crazy woman!
Well, I started eating chocolate again awhile ago, because really, a girl can only survive so long without it. I ate a little, watched to see if it affected Eliza, found out it didn't and from then on.... no holds barred.

I have continued to restrict my coffee intake because I have found, over the course of three babies, that coffee kills my milk supply. It dehydrates me, and while nursing exclusively I just can't do that to my baby. But, now that Eliza is eating lots of food and nursing less I have let the thought of drinking coffee again wander into my mind.

Today was the day I took the plunge. In a post earlier this week I mentioned how I was hoping this week would be less busy for me.

Not happenin'.

This morning I have found myself gazing off into outer space more than a few times. My body is about two steps behind my mind, and my mind is about 2 steps behind where it needs to be to function in my world of small children.

I am tired. T-I-R-E-D. Anyone else?

I decided a cup of strong coffee would do this girl some good. I was excited! I whipped out my coffee grinder, poured some of my precious coffee beans in there and whirred away!

Drip, drip went the coffee! My house was smelling delicious. I stood in front of my coffee maker holding my cup in great anticipation. Geez Louise, it is hard waiting for enough coffee to fill my cup!
While doing the waiting thing I got distracted with the kids so the coffee maker was actually able to finish the whole way before I took my cup. I do believe that was a first! I am a coffee stealer from way back.


Mmmmm... It was perfection. All that I had hope for and more. It's just too bad that "more" didn't include erasing the bags from underneath my eyes!

Oh, I have missed you, beloved coffee. I have missed you very much.

What's your favorite brand or flavor of coffee to drink? Do you like your coffee black or do you doctor it up?

Or, perhaps you are a tea drinker. My favorite tea is Choice Decaffeinated Early Grey. Which, by the way, also makes some killer sweet tea.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Pain
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