Opinions Needed!
First off, let's talk about laundry detergent...

I don't really know how to ease into a subject. Have you noticed that yet?

Anyways, laundry detergent. I am a die-hard Kirkland lover. Costco brand detergent for those of you that don't know what Kirkland is. I love it; it works well, it comes in a big 'ole bottle and it's cheap.

Here's the problem: I'm out. And the nearest Costco resides 3.5 hours away. (in case you're wondering - I'm still not adjusted to living without Costco. It's a sad, bulk-free life I am living) So, what's one to do. I have to wash clothes! I mean, things could get ugly real fast if I didn't. I have heard great things about Gain - it smells good, it's cheap, and it works. The three biggies when it comes to detergent.

I'd like you're opinion!

Next up: Potty training.

Do those words strike fear into every mother's heart? Those words didn't use to frighten me but now... ugg. Judah is one stubborn little boy. He knows how to use the toilet. He's done it plenty of times. He's actually quite good at it, but he just won't do it on a consistent basis

I have shied away from stand alone toilets. But, today I bought one. This one in fact:

Has anyone else used this for potty training? Has it worked? Any tricks? I, for one, am so over wiping my son's butt. Seriously. I want to be done. D-O-N-E.

And, please, don't be afraid to leave a lengthy comment. A lot of people feel bad or shy away from leaving a long comment. But please don't. It's more of a relationship building thing when we really talk via comments. Has anyone ever noticed my comments? I can get wordy, y'all.

(I still struggle with the usage of y'all. I'm such a Yankee)

So, overload me with info, my friends. I'll take any I can get!

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