Someone Loves Me!
This morning I was reading Rachel from The Adventures of an American Mum's post talking about DivineCaroline's Love this Site Awards. I was so thrilled to read that she was nominated for an award! I kept reading and she mentioned I had been nominated for an award also.


Someone nominated me?!

I was so excited! But then I started to panic because my one black, sexy, fancy dress is still taunting me from it's place in my closet. I haven't even ventured the let's just try it on for kicks thing yet. If I did I would wind up in bed, with the shades drawn, eating pounds of chocolate and watching old, sappy movies.

What was I going to wear??

But then I remembered! I don't have to stand in front of anyone and blow air kisses while wearing a fancy dress and too high heels (is there such a thing?). I can accept my nomination wearing my everyday clothes and my barefeet. Perfect

Right now I have this many votes: 0

And I am totally good with that. Someone nominated me! That was the excitement for the day. But, should you have the burning desire to vote for me you can go visit my nomination at DivineCaroline's.

If you do vote, thank you so very much! I would make you cookies if I could. And thank you to the person who nominated me. You made my day! No, my week! No, my life!

Today I am trying to catch up on some blog stuff, I am going to go have lunch with Eve since Daniel's home, work on a meals menu, try and figure out some sort of daily schedule that will work for me, and hopefully take some pictures. My poor camera is looking woefully at me begging for use.

Have a great day all. Hopefully I will be back later with a Tuesday recipe.

! Thursday and Tuesday both start with a "T." That's got to count for something, right?!

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