Camera Guide Blog-style Part One: The Rebel
Let us begin this bloggy style camera guide! My initial thought was to comprise all of the reviews into one post, but, because everyone did such a stellar job in their reviews I am going to post them one by one.

We are going to start with my very funny and entertaining friend Amanda from My not so extraordinary but always exciting life. Amanda shoots with a Canon Rebel; you should see the things this girl can do with her camera! Make sure you check out her blog and her photography site: Amanda Slakes Photography; she's got skills.

I now give the floor to Amanda....

I first entered into my love affair with cameras and photography when I was about 15. My dad let me use his 1970 something Minolta to mess around with and taught me everything that he knew about using it. When I was 20 I had a really great job and very little expenses. I bought a car and had money leftover... and I thought to myself that I should really get something I have wanted for a long time but haven't been able to justify.


Enter: my very first digital camera.

It was a Canon Rebel 6.2 megapixel. It was one of the very first models and that was about 4 years ago.


At first, I was totally bummed when a newer and better model came out only 3 months after my second biggest purchase ever. But then my completely resourceful and frugal side realized a few things. I do not need to have the BEST equipment in order to make myself cool. In fact, it would be cooler to be able to do amazing things with a "sub-par" model and do my very best to make my work look as good as a newer model.


I am still working with the original Rebel and have actually started a photography business using only this camera. I have plans to upgrade to the Canon 5D very soon. In fact, maybe even this week! When I decided to be happy with what I had instead of wishing for something more, I made a promise to myself that if I were to buy a new model, I needed to have a legitimate list of reasons this current camera was limiting me.


So here are my list of pros and cons about the Rebel (at least the model I have, the Rebels have gotten phenomenally more advanced in the last couple years and I would honestly recommend the purchase of one to anyone who is interested in learning more about photography and the more technical side to it.)



Cost - Honestly, I don't think you can find a more capable digital SLR for less. Right now, you can get the Rebel XTI or XSI for around $600. It's a nice chunk but seriously, when I bought mine, it was $1000!

Features - The Rebel models that are out now are so advanced from the last few years it's really ridiculous. There's always more to be had, but if you go to and read the customer reviews. This model is a phenomenal option for an amateur photographer looking to learn more and has enough potential to carry you into the realm of professional if you want to!



My personal list of cons actually is very outdated since the fact remains that the upgrades over the years have actually taken care of what I don't like about my camera. But here they are anyways, my personal list of grievances against my camera ;)

- it only shoots 4 frames in a burst. And then it shuts down for about 15 seconds while it tries to write all that info on the card.

- I used a 4 gig card in it when I went to Mexico and before the card was even half-full the camera started wigging out and turning on and off because it didn't have the capability to handle that much info at once.

- I don't like the controls on the back and how they are set up (which is a canon thing, but I've gotten used to it, and the higher than Rebel models are laid out differently)

However, all these things aside, I truly love my camera. It has brought me so far and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to buy it 4 years ago.



I hope you all enjoyed reading Amanda's review as much as I did. The Canon Rebel is a GREAT first digital SLR camera as you can clearly see from Amanda's description.

Next up is my friend Sarah; she has the Canon Rebel XT which was also my first camera. Look for Sarah's review to be posted soon!
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