Camera Review Bloggy style: The Nikon COOLPIX S550
I was going to post my friend Sarah's review on the Canon Rebel XT today, but I wanted to add my two cents in along with hers. After all the Rebel XT was my first (SLR camera) love and I want to share my great experience with you.

But, to be quite honest, I am super busy and up to my ears in churning out all sorts of pumpkiny goodness, bread, pictures, clean laundry... you know, life stuff. I haven't found the time to sit down and remember and reflect on my Rebel.

So, today I am going post a great point and shoot camera review by my friend Megan from
Life Every Day. If you know her you love her. Make sure you add Megan's blog to your bloglines or Google Reader pronto. You'll never regret it.

Have at it Megan!

Hello there, everyone. My name is Megan and I drool over Andrea's photos.

I've been swooning over them for well over a year and I can't get enough.

Alright. Now our Addicted to Andrea's Photos Not-So-Anonymous Meeting can begin.

I've got several blog friends who have mad camera skills, and phenomenal cameras to boot. They are extremely talented women with excellent equipment that never, ever goes to waste. I mean wow.

Let me put it this way: Their incredible skills and cameras are to mine as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is to Charlie Brown's. Well, to it's credit mine is like Charlie's after they give it some love at the end and join hands and sing around it, but, still.

That said, I do have a sweet little point and shoot, and though I dream and wish for an SLR someday, this little baby is just what I need for now and I love her.

The Nikon COOLPIX S550.

My husband, The Engineer, spent a long time researching this camera and it's competitors and this one came out on top. I just went ahead and trusted his judgment. If you are thinking about purchasing one, it will cost just a little under $200.00 and you can find them at most camera retailers and online. It also comes in three colors. Because that matters, you know.

I love my camera. Some of the things I love are:

1. It's very small and slim size. It easily fits in my pocket and no one can tell, and it goes with me everywhere.

2. It's rapid-fast. It's ready to shoot about a second after you turn it on and all it's functions are lightning fast. That has been a lifesaver for a mom with kids who are just as quick.

3. It's digital zoom is amazing. Amazing. No, really. Amazing. It is always impressing me with clear, sharp photos from far, far away, from such a little camera.

4. It has a nice and big, bright display, and has many editing tools right there in the camera.

I never use them, though. I like to load all my pictures on to my computer and then upload the ones that make the first cut to Flikr, where I take care of all my photo editing needs. A little nip-tuck here, a little boost there, a little blur every once in a while.
Admitting you use Flikr to doctor your photos can be a bit like admitting you wear Spanx. Shhh...I have it on good authority that all kinds of people use Flikr and Spanx for the betterment of their photos and their self image.

Some of the photos you see here have been edited and some have not, but if they were, it was a minimal adjustment. I wanted to make sure you got a good sampling of what the S550 can do on it's own.

5. It takes videos that are crisp and have great sound. It's actually better than our digital camcorder, which is three years old. You can take as many videos as you like, and make them as lengthy as you want- the storage is limited only to the size of your card. Mine is a 2.0 GB and there's plenty of room in there for all I need. It never ever runs low.

6. It has a plethora of other settings you can adjust for the particular environment you're in and the type of pictures you want (Such as ISO up to 2000). I confess, I almost never adjust them and have not spent nearly enough time learning about what they can do for me. I bought my camera in June, and the manual is still on my desk, waiting for a thorough read-through.

I just love this picture, and it was snapped in true haste as I was speed-walking down the street to keep up with my friends who were not taking pictures of every second thing they saw that day. I love the reflection of the downtown buildings in the window, and yet still getting to see the details inside the restaurant.

Most of the time, the pictures are clear and sharp, as long as you have a sure and steady hand and the right light.
Moving targets (hello, children!) and bad lighting are the toughest situations I run into. It's just tough without a more advanced camera. Of course if I were to use the flash, they would be more clear, but I almost never do.

Is the detail on that barn not exquisite?! and below I absolutely love that gorgeous grass, and that you can see that humid haze over the lake in the distance.

If this toad would have worked it a little better and turned just a bit more to the right, this one would have been right on. But again, I'll say this is where the rapid-fast shooting function saved me. A second later that toad was on the deck.

Overall, I give my handy little point and shoot an...


What a great review about a sweet camera! Daniel and my first camera was a Nikon Coolpix and we loved it. That camera blew our socks off!

Thank you Megan for gracing my blog with your beautiful presence!

Remember to check out Megan's blog - she has fantastic news for you if you love Sherwin-William's paint!

Pictures of Eliza's chubby cheeks are in the post below this one! Just keep on scrollin'....

Happy day to you!
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