Bang Baby Bang
I didn't think I was going to be able to make good on my promise for a better bang picture today but.... the amazing Amanda from My Not So Extraordinary But Always Exciting Life came through with her superwoman cape, or rather camera.

Bang Baby Bang

Amanda came over today and took a plethora of pictures of me, Daniel, and our three grouchy children. It was a ton of fun and very exciting all because I was positive she was going to make us look like rockstars. And of course, she did.

Amanda has started her (awesome) photography business in the greater Rochester (New York) area. So, if you live in or around Rochester check her out; her web page is found here at: Amanda Slakes Photography.

Our photo session today with Amanda was the perfect note to end our vacation on. Tomorrow we head back to New Mexico; I am sad to leave home but the warm weather beckons.

It's Love

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