Good Neighbors
We have really nice neighbors here on our quiet little street. Mostly older and retired folks. Although it took awhile to really get to know them it has been well worth all the effort. Native "Vermontas" can be very guarded. They often come across as standoff-ish and occasionally downright cold. But, once they warm up to you they are some of the nicest people around. There's something about New Englanders. We still haven't quite figured them out even after living here for three years.

Yesterday morning our neighbors across the street called to offer Daniel the use of their snowblower. It was a much welcomed offer that we quickly accepted. Daniel spent a few hours finding half the driveway and two cars. Without the snowblower it would have been much longer! When our neighbors offer help like this it almost feels as if we are back in a military community. Everyone has your back. We have missed that.

So, to thank our neighbors, Eve and I made chocolate chip cookies for them. These cookies are favorites here in our neighborhood and I knew they would be just the thing to express our gratitude.

But beyond gratitude, getting a picture this great makes the effort all worthwhile!

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