Eve Learns to Ride Her Bike

Eve has done it! She and Daddy have been working together to bring her to this day... Eve can ride her bike all by herself! What a big day! It was an awesome evening for all of us. We are so proud of her, even Judah told her how great she was doing. The best part was seeing the pride she took in her accomplishment. She kept telling us how proud she was and how good she felt about herself. I loved hearing that - it is so important for our children to feel pride in themselves.

To celebrate, we had fried dough for dinner. Yum! It was a great night here at the Hub household.
A Mother's Secret
I remember when I was a little girl, I would lay in my bed at night and hear the sounds of my mom working in the kitchen or sewing in her sewing room. The sounds I could hear were comforting sounds but ones that never really meant too much to me. I didn't know what she was doing, specifically, and the thought that I should care never crossed my mind. Her work, her movements; the thumps and bangs of pots and pans, the running water, the whirring of her sewing machine, the beeping of the oven timer - they were all familiar sounds, part of my home environment, and they blended into the background of my childish life.

Tonight found me standing at the counter making cupcakes, my version of confetti cupcakes; a little girl in Eve's class is celebrating a birthday tomorrow by bringing in cupcakes. I needed to bring one in for Eve - one made with the sugar we choose to eat. As I was mixing the batter, baking the cupcakes, whipping up the frosting - those sounds from my childhood, I heard them again. The realization came slowly but with great fervor. I am my mother. I am the woman working for two hours after my children go to bed; making cupcakes, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning up the house, preparing a lunch for the next day. And I discovered something - a secret. I discovered that all that work is a joy; it is love, it is tender care for the little ones in my life. I find such pleasure in the concern I take for my family. Sure, I am tired and tonight my legs ache. As I washed the dishes I found myself once or twice wishing I was relaxing instead of washing yet another cup. But, when I really stopped to think about what I was doing, I realized how deep an expression of love all of my work is. I am creating an environment of peace, of security, of comfort, of wholeness for my children. They don't even realize what I am doing, nor do I want them to. They are children, my children, their only job right now is to be loved and cared for. All I want is for them to feel stability and comfort; to see a cupcake and feel happiness, not think - oh wow, that must have been a lot of work for mama. As young children, I want them to find joy in the little things I do for them, but I don't want them to realize at what cost it came. That will come later.

I can't say as I ever wished to be my mother. And not because she wasn't a good mom or woman, because she was and is. It's just that I have always truly wanted to be myself. But what I discovered tonight - the secret life of a mother - made me feel delight and sigh in recognition and happiness. I am my mom and there is no one else I would rather be.
Real Life: How I Roll

I am joining in with Jessica over at Farm Fresh for another glimpse into my real life. This week is themed How I Roll. Jessica instructed us to post pictures of our means of transportation. For the Hubs we drive "Bessie 2." C'mon Bessie! It's your week to shine!

Actually, she's not too shiny though she did get a bath on Sunday. It's super dusty here - those Pledge wipes and I are tight!


Anyways, Bessie 2 has been a faithful friend to our growing family. She has taken us all over the place, without even a hiccup. Nissans are good like that. Her latest and greatest adventure was the drive from Vermont to New Mexico. Can I get a "You GO, Girl!" She performed flawlessly and we are very thankful.

We have tried about every different arrangement of carseats possible. I think we have finally settled on the optimal arrangement, for now anyways.


It was touch and go there for awhile! Who knew there could be such a quandary when it comes to carseat placement!


Bessie 2 has been privy to many, many deep, life changing conversations. And some not so deep but just plain silly ones too! Daniel and I have spent a lot of time in those seats! That white paper is my syllabus from my photography class last night. I survived! Whoo-hoo! Anyways...


You see that thing (I don't know what it's called) in between the two front seat? When Daniel and I hold hands in the car - you do that too, right? - that middle thing is perfect to rest them on.

Oh! A handrest, right? It's called a handrest, duh! Right?? Seriously, I should know what that thing is!


And then there is the stuff. Here, in the middle row we have a sun screen, a reusable shopping bag from Whole Foods, a basket of toys, my sling for Eliza, and a air pump. What you can't see in this picture is the DVD player tucked in the back pocket and the wires... Oh, the wires we have in this van. They are enough to drive me batty.


You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we can fit in this van. Some, like my mom, my grandparents, and I think Tarrah and Sam, have witnessed the phenomenon that is Daniel "the packer." He is amazing. God knew just what He was doing when He put us together. When I go shopping, to Albuquerque or when we lived in Vermont, to Boston... I go shopping. And somehow, someway, Daniel always packs it all in Bessie 2 and away we go. I love him, but not just for his packing talents. There are other reasons, like his muscles for example...

So, that is how I roll. Happy Real Life day to you... If you would like, you can join in over at Jessica's!
Random Thoughts Over Coffee
Perhaps I am the only one, actually, I'd put money on me being the only one, but the poll on the side is crackin' me up! Who would have thought the brunettes would be winning! I thought it would be between redheads and blondes. I can rag on those brunettes because truthfully I am one, though I'm happy to keep on pretending I'm not. It's been brunettes and redheads neck n' neck. We'll see....

So, the other day as I was buckling Judah in his carseat, I went to flip my hair out of my face, in doing so I whacked my head on the side of our van. It was such a special, feel good moment.

You know I looked around to see if anyone saw me.... You would have too. Don't lie. But I only did that after I shook the stars from my head. Geez, it hurt! I've had quite a headache ever since. I feel so dumb...

Okay, the jeans. Am I the only one who didn't know Victoria's Secret carried jeans? I had no clue they made jeans. Underwear, bras, overpriced lingerie, lotions... yes. Jeans, nope. I guess I have seen a catalogue by them, but it was a long time ago and apparently it never really registered.

Anyone else glad that places like Target and Kohls now carry some really cute, sexy nighttime wear?! I have spent way too much money at Victoria's Secret in the past 7 years...

Anyways, I have tried on Old Navy jeans and I really don't like them. It may be because I don't do spandex. O.N. jeans always seem to fit me wrong. But hey, I am not opposed to trying them again next time I'm at the store. Man, I sure am missing Plato's Closet!

Right now I am going in between these jeans from Gap:

or these, also from Gap:

or these from J.Crew

And I know, I'm sticking with what I said I wanted to get away from. But, I don't have any stores that were mentioned ie: American Eagle, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, Target (sob!) etc. in my town/city/I don't know which it is. Next time I am in "the city" I will try multitudes of those brands on. But for now I guess I'll have to go with what I know fits me. The sizing can be so weird! J.Crew runs big, which can be a really good boost! I feel like I'm teeny tiny when I look at the tags! Gap and Target run big also. Do they do it on purpose, you think? All so you will profess your undying love to them because it looks like you wear a size 6 when truly you are a size 8?

I think way too much.

Oh, I am making Black bean chowder tonight for dinner with cornbread. I hope it will be really good. I don't know why I am making soup! It's suppose to be in the 90's... I feel like it should be getting fall-ish. After 27 years of living in states with four seasons I am very programed! I want to pull out my long sleeve shirts and see some leaves changing. Not going to happen. At least anytime soon.

One more thing... I promise. I have my first photography class tonight. Aaaaahhhh!!! I am nervous.

Alright... I will end this most random post I have ever written. Sometimes, like today, I feel like I am sitting with you, drinking coffee, and we just talk. You know?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Our Fluffy New Friend
8 Month Pictures

Seriously, I don't know where the time has gone. How has my baby girl become 8 months old? Eliza is now sitting like a pro, eating all kinds of food - chicken curry being among her favorite this month, starting to crawl, purposely making me laugh...


I guess that was the major achievement of this month - doing things on purpose. She has come alive! 9 months has always been my favorite age, though I love them all. But the 7 to 8 month change has been so much fun. Her personality is really starting to shine. She is like Eve in so many respects; easy to pacify, the storm clouds never linger, she doesn't fuss unless she is hungry or tired, entertains herself very well, smiles quickly - basically she is just one happy girl...


I am so thankful that Eliza is an easy baby. I simply don't have time for a high-maintenance baby. She is happy to be hauled around on my hip. She'll occasionally grab a fistful of my hair for kicks but usually she'll just hang out with me as I go about life. And I do love life with her.

She is my sweet Liza-Lu.


*Post from 1 year ago today: A Sad Day
Jeans, Jeans, Jeans...

There is nothing like a good pair of jeans, is there? I love jeans; they are my "uniform" per say. I, of course, wear other things like swishy skirts, dresses, and shorts. I even occasionally wear a pair of linen pants because that baby is seriously com-for-table.

I have a whole stack of jeans waiting on me. Waiting for me to fit in them again. I tried on a pair this morning.... I am getting close! But I need some jeans for the in between. I sold my bigger jeans in a garage sale - boy, was that freeing - so now I am sort of stuck. I don't fit in my normal size jeans but I really don't fit in the big ones. Besides, those had yucky memories, you know? I need to just let them go. Bye, bye.

Usually I am a J.Crew or Gap girl when it comes to jeans. But, are there other jeans out there that you love, swear by, would like to marry and have children with? I would love to expand my horizons.
I am a bell bottom/bootcut/trouser, fitted through the booty and thigh kind of girl. I love tears, holes, sparkles on the pocket, bleach spots... that sort of thing. But really, what I want are some jeans that make Daniel's knees go weak. That's what it's all about.

Tell me.... What jeans do you love?

And I don't know about you but I am waiting with baited breath for BooMama's fall fashion showcase.... Hopefully she'll do one!
8 Month Eliza Videos
Seriously, Eliza has the squishiest face! You'll believe me after seeing this video. She is so stinkin' cute. I kiss her all day long.

Never mind the "Daddy voice" Daniel was employing. Judah had some listening and obeying problems today. And the camera shake.... Disregard that also. I was playing peek-a-boo with Eliza. You try playing that and keeping your camera still... Ha!

As Judah would say: "It's not so easy."

Pictures to come tomorrow....

*Posts from 1 year ago today: Vacation, Smile, and Hot Weather Food
The Rewards System
Eve's school has the "Tally System" in place as their disciplinary action. (Does this ring any bells for anyone?!) If a student needs discipline they receive a tally. Each classroom and teacher has their own unique way of how it all pans out. For Eve's classroom, if a student steps out of line they have to go pick out a puzzle piece from a cup that bears their name. This puzzle piece turns into a minute of time out from recess.


Eve does not want to have to get a puzzle piece. Plain and simple. She is naturally a good girl, she is very obedient and doesn't try and push the boundaries. Much. Daniel and I laid down some incentives for her with regards to tallies and puzzle pieces; if Eve goes the whole week without getting a puzzle piece there will be some sort of treat on Friday afternoon. This week it was an ice cream bar. Now, if she goes the whole month without a tally etc. we will take her out to dinner.


Wow, is she motivated! I, personally, love the rewards system. It works for my kids and it works for me. When I was working if I did well I would get a raise. Reward! For not getting in accidents or receiving a ticket, my car insurance goes down. Reward! Life is full of the reward system.


How does the reward system work in your family?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Eve Has Entered the Dating Scene
Places to go, People to eat.

Do you see this baby girl with the determined look on her face? This is bad, very bad. She wasn't suppose to be doing this crawling thing for a long time! She certainly didn't run the request by me because I would have shut it down. Fast. Thankfully she can only crawl backwards right now. But the forward movement is imminent.

This growing up stuff is for the birds, I tell ya.

Oh, and Eliza has gained 5 pounds since the end of June. 5 pounds. I was standing next to a mother the other day holding her almost 8 month old baby boy. I swear, Eliza could have eaten him for dinner. She is huge. And I love it. So, she weighs in at 20 pounds right now. This puts her 11 pounds away from Eve and 6 pounds from Judah. Hmmmm. Eliza may be the baby but she's sure going to give the other two a run for their money!

Eight month pictures coming up on the 24th! I can hardly believe it.

*Post from 1 year ago today: A Public Service Announcement
So, I love my hair.
I really do love my hair. I personally think it rocks. It's so fun and funky and RED.

Anyone pick up on that yet?

I jest.

It's my little bit of rebelliousness. I, by nature, am a rule follower. I try to pretend I'm all hard and tough but I'm really not. It's smoke. Daniel just laughs at me.

If a sign says: Do this. You can bet I'm going to 'Do this.' I get uncomfortable with not following the rules. But when it comes to my hair... I broke the rules. My dad, when I came home for the first time with my hair bright red, told me to go stand down on the corner in place of the stop sign.

Yeah, it was pretty funny. Later.

I think he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me. His good, little, sweet daughter off doing cah-razy things with her hair. It was so not like me! But, heck, I could have picked something a lot worse.


Rubbing shoulders with other moms dropping off their kids at school has really made me stick out. Here I am, the one taking my daughter to school in my fuschia leggings and my bright red hair. I hope I don't embarrass her. But, I like color. And I can't help it, I just love funk. I don't want to be weird, but I also don't want to make myself into someone I'm not just so I can look like everyone else. I do wonder if it makes other's first impression of me tainted. Like I am some strange, crazy mother.


I'm heading into my tenth year of having red hair. I took a year break when Judah was a baby - I had a slight style hiccup - and went back to my natural brunette. But it was way too boring for me. Daniel missed it and so did I. He said he could never find me when we were out and about shopping! For me, there is no denying that I need the color - the funk - the fun! I know someday I will have to stop being RED but until then I enjoy every day I have as a redhead.


Something must have rubbed off in the womb, because Eve told me a couple of years ago that when she gets married she is going to have pink and purple hair. And would I dye it for her?

Don't worry baby, Mama's got that department covered.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Still Too Fresh and Wordless Wednesday "Foraging"
Off She Goes...

Eve started Kindergarten on Monday! It was all that she had anticipated and more. Everyone had warned me that I was going to cry, my heart would be broken, I would be totally lost... But I didn't cry, my heart was happy, and it all felt completely natural. I think I got all the sadness out when Eve went to pre-school. She was so ready for Kindergarten; she has been completely bored here at home. Hanging out all day every day with a baby and a two year old can be such a drag, you know! Especially when you are almost five and a half and so ready for life to begin! Eve has never had any attachment issues so when we got to her classroom she walked over to her desk, sat down, and began her day. It was a true joy to walk away knowing she was happy, content, and exactly where she was suppose to be.

Eve came home Monday afternoon and filled Daniel and me in on all the details. It was fantastic! I remember when I was school age, sitting down at the bar in my mom's kitchen, eating a snack and chatting about my day. I hope that Eve and I will always have that type of relationship. I never went through the 'my mom is such a dork and there is no way I want to be seen with her' stage. I begged her to go on our field trips, to come shop with me and my friends, to just be with me. And my friends all loved her too. It probably didn't hurt that she made the most delicious food for us. Oh, and that she truly was a dork. She made everything FUN. I want to be like that.

As a challenge for all you mothers of school age children.... I picked up an excellent tip from Sandy over at 4 Reluctant Entertainers. She, along with some other mothers, bring their children's teacher a dinner - I can't remember if it was once a month or what - just to bless them. I decided that I was going to do that also. I talked with Eve's teacher and offered this idea to her. She jumped on it! So, twice a month - every other Tuesday - I will be bringing her a dinner. My first night was last night. I hope it blessed her as much as it blessed me to be able to do it for her. My goal is to get at least one more mother to participate in this with me. I'd like to have one dinner a week brought to Eve's teacher. Won't you consider doing this for your children's teacher? It's not hard - I just made an extra serving of what I was already making. And the best part - my dinner was prepared by 3 o'clock in the afternoon! I had such a relaxing evening because my dinner was all ready to eat when 5:30 rolled around.

Here is to the next 12 years....

*Post from 1 year ago today: A Conclusion
An Announcement!
Our dear friends Sam and Tarrah had their third baby this morning! I was the one to announce - HURRAY for me! Please visit Tarrah's blog - My Blue-eyed Babies and extend your congratulations!

I am alive, I am well, and regular blogging will soon ensue!
Daddy is Comin' Home!
It's been a long two weeks. Daniel has been TDY to Sheppard AFB for some extra training and I have been here, slugging it out. I know, it's not a deployment, but still when your husband is gone, your husband is gone.

The first week was tough. Seriously tough. Lots of catastrophes, lots of sleepless nights, lots of loneliness. Thankfully the kids were absolute angels. They hovered right around incredible with their behavior. This week was easier - no major injuries, nothing terribly bad happened, and I got a lot more sleep. And, thankfully, it went by fairly quickly.

Now we are all eagerly awaiting the sound of Daniel's motorcycle pulling in. We have missed him! The kids have been excited all day long - wishing for dinner time to hurry up and get here. They have no concept of time, but they do know that when it's dinner time Daddy will be home.

By the way, I am making this for dinner. Oh, it is all kinds of delicious! We are having ours on mashed potatoes instead of a roll. Such an easy, delicious meal. Cheap too!

C'mon Babe! Eat up those miles... we can hardly wait!

In Which I Proclaim My Actual Weight to the Entire World
Why is it that I read the scale (evil, evil little things!) and it says:

"Hey Andrea! You only have 6 more pounds to lose and you'll be back to normal! Whoo-hoo..."

But I feel like I am bigger than ever. Seriously, I feel like a beached whale. I just don't get it. I haven't been eating badly, pretty normal, well except for a minor Chex mix issue.

I am at the point of feeling as if I will never shed these last few pounds. And I know I will - after three kids I think I have figured my body out - I know it takes my body about a year to get back to normal. But, I'd like to buck the system and be at my normal weight by the end of September.

Sigh. We'll see though. Eliza is still nursing like a champ, and while breastfeeding my body stores fat like we're headed into a famine. Apparently so does Eliza's. Case in point:


Take note of the jowls and double chin, not to mention the chubby arms. It looks cute on her, me... not so much.

You know, honestly, sometimes I get really frustrated to even be thinking about this weight issue. I weigh 131 pounds. For my height - 5' 8" that is not fat, but I feel like it. And as much as I would love to blame it on "Hollywood" and all the stigmas surrounding it (anyone else feel anger towards Nicole Kidman and her immediate look of never having a baby?) I can not. I put this 'need' to get back to my pre-children weight on myself. But why? I have had three children. I shouldn't, can't, won't ever look like I have not. Why do I expect so much from myself? Why do I load up the guilt when I see myself in the mirror and I look like a nursing mother?

I know I am not the only one that struggles with these feelings - anger, laziness, apathy, frustration, feelings of never "getting there." Anybody in this boat with me? I need some company!
One is Silver and the Other Gold

I started reading Kim's blog a long time ago. Or, it seems that way. We were both pregnant and I loved reading about another woman who was just as pregnant as I was.
Kim gave birth to Noah just one day after I gave birth to Judah; we navigated the early newborn days together. The only thing was, she didn't know it. I was watching but not interacting. And I had no idea what I was missing out on! I do now, because two plus years later we have a great friendship. And I love her. Someday we will meet, but until then e-mails and phone calls are just fine.


Today we received a package from Kim, a package full of purple tulle. A purple tulle tu-tu for Eve and a purple tulle tu-tu for Eliza. There is no way a tu-tu could be any sweeter than the ones she sent to my girls. Their eyes fairly glowed with excitement and anticipation. I helped the girls slip into their respective tu-tu, wrapped the purple ribbon around each head, and then watched the dramatic change from little girl to fairy take place. It was spectacular!


The girls flounced and danced in the breezes (Eliza had a little help from me, of course), the wind swirled the tulle around creating magic. Suddenly an ordinary afternoon turned into glorious fun! We found a unoccupied grassy yard and imaginations came alive!


We played until everyone was too tired to play any longer. Thank you Kim for the beautiful gifts - my gift from you brought tears to my eyes. I will treasure it forever. Thank you for being my friend; for making me laugh, making me think, for answering all my stupid camera questions, for understanding what my life truly looks like, and for praying for me.


We may not be old friends but I still consider you gold.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Unexpected Visitors Be Warned
Eliza and Her Bonnet

I have a deep affinity for a baby girl in a bonnet. There is an air of innocence and beauty about her. The lace, the white, the tiny rosebud, the bow tucked under her chin... I adore it all.


Eliza loves grass. She loves to pull it out of the ground, she loves to eat it, and she gets a kick out of it when it tickles her face. So do I.


My little "Lu-Lu" in white and lace. Someday white and lace will once again framed her face but instead of a bonnet it will be a wedding veil.

Today she's my simply my sweet baby girl in a bonnet.

*Post from 1 year ago today: 5 Months and 10 Pounds Later
My WWWAT is the next post down...
WWWAT: A Different View

It's Wordless Wednesday With a Twist once again. This time the theme is: A Different View.

My photo is of a very popular toy at our house. I love how all three kids have fun with it in their own way. For Judah it is "Thomas the Train," Eve loves it because she gets to be bossy and tell each bead where to go, and for Eliza it is something to chew on. I, personally, love the bright colors and the fact that I paid eight dollars for it. Have a happy Wednesday, all!

For more WWWAT visit Rachel at The Adventures of an American Alien.

What Is Your Passion?

Eve reading behind the big brown chair - her "get away from it all" spot

I love asking people what their passion is. It's a simple question with sometimes a simple answer. For some it requires a lot of thought, for others the answer is on the tip of their tongue. I asked my neighbor friend, who was over for a barbecue Saturday night, what her passion is. First she said reading; I can understand that. I love reading also. But, I felt like there was something more. When she added that she loved singing I knew I had struck gold. Ding, ding, ding! That was her true passion. I saw her face light up, she came alive!

My friend then turned the table and asked me what my passion is. For me, my passion is being in the kitchen; building a menu, cooking, baking, creating a meal, teaching other people how to cook, preparing a table, details, color schemes. That is what I love. When I am in the kitchen I am in a whole different world. I feel alive, happy, creative.

I also added that photography has become a sort of passion. Maybe in a few years with quite a few classes under my belt I will feel like I can truly be creative and pleased with my work. Right now I have fun, but I feel totally unsatisfied. And I like that. It drives me onwards.

Another possible passion, though I have yet to explore it, is furniture restoration. I think I would really love to take a piece of furniture and strip it down, sand it, give it a new face - a new life. But, who knows... I may hate it! Someday I will give it a whirl and find out.

Since I want to know more about you but we can't hang out in my kitchen and talk face to face, tell me in comments... What is your passion? What makes you feel alive? Vibrant? Creative? Happy?

*No post from 1 year ago.
Post from March 18, 2007: "The Influence of a Father"
Test Driving Cloth Diapers

Hey Mama! I'm not so sure about this... Did you notice she has roller skates on?


I've been thinking on it and thinking on it. Finally, I decided why the heck not. I ordered three Bum Genius diapers from Amazon last week.

So far.... not so thrilled. Each time Eliza has worn the cloth diaper she has leaked. And her diaper was on for approximately two hours. That seems short to me, though I do understand cloth diapers won't hold as much for as long as disposables. If I was bored, sitting around twittling my thumbs just wishing for some laundry to pile up so I could wash it and give myself something to do already, the leaking would be an okay thing. But, I'm not bored and I have dirty laundry coming out of my ears. Besides all that, a leaky diaper is not my idea of fun.

I do like how soft them are and how easy and fast the diapers go on, but mostly I just like the way her cute little tush looks in a cloth diaper.

Eventually, over time, the cost of cloth v. disposables would even out and then swing in favor of the cloth, but as far as right now.... I'm just not sold.

Next up is the Fuzzi Bunz. I have heard really great things about that particular brand of cloth. We'll see.

And don't even try to deny it... I know you are all riveted.

*Post from 1 year ago: "Hanging out with the cool kids who actually camped"
Judah and Eliza
When Daniel and I decided we wanted to have a third child I did the math in my head.

"Ok, if I get pregnant right away Judah will be two and Eve will be four and a half. Hmmm."

Well, it turns out I did get pregnant right away. This made Eliza and Eve four years and eight months apart, and Eliza and Judah two years and one month.

During my pregnancy I wondered and hoped that if we had another girl, Eve and her sister would be close. But I had some doubts. My brother and I are four and a half years apart; growing up we weren't all that close. It's better now, but there was definitely an apparent age difference during our early years.

I knew that if I had another boy he and Judah would be very close. This was an exciting prospect to me though I knew I would be in for some major trouble once the two of them were old enough to conspire! As much as I wanted that close bond brothers have, for Judah's sake, I really, really longed for another daughter. Oh, I wanted another daughter so badly. Just ask Tarrah; I said it so many times I think she probably wanted to stick her fingers in her ears and sing "lalalalalalala."

It's funny now how I never really thought about whether or not, if this baby was a girl, if she and Judah would be close. But now, there is no doubt. They completely adore each other. No one can make Eliza stop crying faster than Judah, not even me. She has a special smile just for him; she looks at him with a look of complete rapture. For her, he holds the moon. He is her protector, her guardian, her comic. He loves her with all the love a two year old boy's heart can hold. Watching the two of them interact is one of the greatest blessings of my life.
I am looking forward to the years ahead; of watching from the sidelines as the three of them grow up together. What more could a mother ask for than to have children who adore each other.


Judah was in time-out and Eliza was waiting and watching for him to come back to her.


Whoo-hoo! He's released from time-out!!
( I know! Couldn't you just eat her with a spoon??)


Here is a toy!


I love you, Lu-Lu.
(In Judah-speak it sounds more like: I wuv you, Uu Uu)



Kisses are better than toys any day!


But toys are great too, though...



But kisses.... those are way better.


Love you, Judah.

Post from 1 year ago: Judah "The Bug Squisher"
Judah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Judah had a rough day. Phew! A really rough day. It was definitely not a white shirt kinda day, either.

He had his face slammed by a door compliments of his big sister. Apparently this was a complete accident, though I am not convinced.

He occupied many a corner today for some bad choices.

He stepped on an evil, and I do mean evil, pricker bush tonight. And then, in his pain, sat in it, which in turn planted three big 'ol prickers into his inner thigh, which resulted in his trying to get away and stepping on it again. Oh, it was bad, my friends. Very bad. Did I mention he had bare feet?

He howled.

And to top the 'day of hurt' off, as he was riding his bike up a driveway the front tire caught on something which resulted in his face slamming into the concrete - there was no time for a hand reaction to break the fall. I had a bloody, hurt mess of a boy on my hands.

I just went into Judah's room (at 10:22p.m.) for the third time because he was crying. He is my perfect sleeper - always has been. But today was just a rough day on my boy. He needed some extra love.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. But, when you are a two year old boy child, there are no guarantees.

One can always hope!

*Post from 1 year ago today: "Homebirth" Wordless Wednesday
A Portrait of Frazzled

This is what I looked like after we got home from our errand running. I like to call my look: Frazzled and frizzy.

Just keepin' it real! But hey, I did have make-up on! That's a plus. Granted, the spray from the car wash sprayer thingy (Oh yes, we did wash the van. And no, it didn't go well) nearly washed it all away, and what the sprayer thing didn't get, sweat took care of. But that leads me to tell about this afternoon...

Why? Why must I insist on taking the children out an hour before lunch and naps? I never get back in time to actually keep them on schedule. And then we all end up tired and grumpy. Even though I insisted upon making the same mistake once again, it all went reasonably well.

First we went to the library. It was so quiet when we walked in! And cool. I had given the kids the pep-talk before hand. You know: keep yourselves in line, obey, be quiet in the library, etc., etc... If you do this, when we go to wash Bessie, you may help. If you don't behave you'll be in the van watching the washing.
The kids did wonderfully and the library was still quiet and in one piece when we were checking out.

As an aside, there was a woman - probably early twenties - in line behind us. She was watching us like we were a side show. She was thin, dressed very fashionably, wearing heels, perfectly coiffed and made-up. You know, how I use to look 6 years ago. I felt like saying... Oh honey, just give yourself a few years. You'll get to look like me! But I didn't. I kept my mouth closed and smiled at her.

Off to the Commissary where Judah begged to walk. This isn't my first rodeo so I know what it means when a two-year old says he wants to walk. But, Judah knew that if he stepped out of line Mama would find a corner somewhere in that store and he'd find his nose stuck in it.

He was an angel and so were the other two. Eve pushed the stroller while Eliza sat in it and chewed on Cinderella's legs the whole time. We had a small issue with the bulk candy bins that the Commissary stupidly put beside the self-checkout lanes, but I simply re-located the trespassing hands and all was well.

Next, we filled 'Bessie' up with gas and put air in the tires. With that finished we headed to the car wash.

The kids had earned the priviledge of helping to wash Bessie and boy, were they excited! Until the water actually started shooting out of the nozzle. Judah freaked out! So, into the van he went. But not before he blew out everyone's eardrums within a half-mile distance of the car wash.


Just because I love you all I'll let you in on a secret... If you ever need a good laugh, just take a 31 pound 5 year old to a car wash, give her the spray thingy and tell her to squeeze it. Eve literally flew backwards from the pressure every time. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

We eventually got the van done; my arms felt like they were going to fall off from holding Eliza in one and spraying/scrubbing with the other. I was soaking wet, and I had stepped in puddles of pink bubbles so many times they were oozing through my toes. I had watched my son sit in a huge pile of bird poop and had gotten sprayed in the face repeatedly, but dang it, the van was clean. And it stayed that way until we drove through a huge cloud of red dirt on the way home. That is when I commenced slamming my sweaty head into the steering wheel.

The children are all resting now; I can smile as I write this because my house is quiet and peaceful. My hair is still frizzy but all is once again well.

I bet your afternoon wasn't nearly as exciting or fun-filled as mine. Or was it?
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