Vintage Necklace for a Vintage Girl
Vintage Necklace..

I found the necklace in a little consignment shop, tucked away in this beautiful sleepy town. I had such fun rummaging around for a treasure amidst the delicate china, gaudy costume jewelry, tiny music boxes, and old pictures.

I found my treasure; the necklace was made for me. And the reason I knew it.... was because it was fifty percent off.

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Eliza Dove: One Year Old
A few days late ~

Eliza Dove... Happy Birthday sweet love, love.

We had a wonderful day with our girl. Eliza is so loved, so cherished; she is pure sunshine.

My favorite part of the day was cupcake time. The cupcakes were perfect; vanilla with pink frosting. Topped with sprinkles and one candle, of course.
Eliza was in love with her cupcake; she is my daughter after all. And I've never met a cupcake I didn't like. When I tried to take her cupcake from her to remove the wrapper she all but lost it. She held on to that tasty confection for dear life and screamed in protest to the injustice!

The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, my baby love.

A Year of Eliza:


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YummieTummie Giveaway!
The winner is:

Congratulations Callie-K!
E-mail me so I can hook you up with your Yummie Tummie gift card!

Thanks to everyone for participating; I have been drooling for all of the delicious food you have talked about! I think I've gained weight just reading about it all. I'm going to go gnaw on a carrot now...
I am totally not ashamed to admit that I have, in the past, used Spanx.

Oh, yes Ma'am.

I was visiting home and wanted to not feel quite so frumpy, dumpy, and pleasantly plumpy; "things" were not as "things" should have been as I was four months post-partum with my lovely Eliza Dove.

Did my Spanx get-up work?

Kind of but it was highly, highly uncomfortable and hard to keep in the correct place on my plump body. Putting it on was embarrassing and I was the only one in the room!
The wearing of the Spanx and subsequently nursing my four month old baby.... holy cow, was that a royal pain in the booty. C'mon Spanx... think of who your target audience includes! Make somethin' for the pleasantly plump nursing mothers, m'kay!

I admit, I did feel fairly vain using it but it didn't stop me. No way, no how. Sometimes we just need a little help, ya know?

When I was contacted to try out a Yummie Tummie product I totally jumped at the chance. Because look!!! They have a perfect top for those in the pleasantly plump and nursing stage! Plus, look how much more effective their plan of attack is. These tops are more pleasant and pleasing to the eye than this little number, which was my Spanx choice this past Spring.
And, they come in colors! And with glitz for the holidays! You know I love the glitz.

I am expecting my Yummie Tummie product to arrive today via UPS. I chose the Strappy Tank in black. I was in a rather practical mood last night. I'll let you know if my Yummie Tummie product is truly as fab as I think it's going to be.

Now, tell me... would you like the chance to win a 100 dollar gift certificate to Yummie Tummie? Of course you would!

I hate jumping through hoops so all I am asking is that you tell me your most favorite holiday food. Ever.

Creative, huh!

I am really hungry so food is pretty much all I can think about right now. Answer that one measly question and you are entered!

If you need some ideas for a new holiday recipe check out the Yummie Tummie website - it has some mouthwatering recipes you can pull from. The Christmas Eggnog looks excellent (found under cocktails in the Indulgences.)

The details:

One comment per person please.

A code for the one-hundred dollar gift card with be e-mailed to you right away.

Giveaway will end Monday evening at 9pm Pacific time. I will use and announce the winner Monday evening.

One more thing... Good luck. I hope you win!

Air kisses!!

Well, it was either those or the big sloppy ones.

It was a snowy, snowy day. And I loved it. I don't need much to keep me happy; I have a fire in the fireplace and a handsome man to keep it roaring, hot coffee, and my kids. I am a happy girl.

I opened the big front door to let in some light and so I could keep an eye on things. I am of the curious sort, remember.

Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. A movie after the kids go to bed. A good man to sleep next to.

The planned Christmas shopping will have to wait until tomorrow. I didn't really feel like going anywhere anyways.

P.S. A great giveaway will be posted tomorrow!

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New York, New York!
We ALL made it; safe and sound to my home sweet home. Yesterday. Daniel flew with Judah on Southwest and I took the girls on Delta. Phew! It went smoothly, thankfully. I wasn't sure we were even going to make it as the drive to the airport took five hours, through almost a foot of un-plowed snow on the roads. Scccarry!
I haven't truly relaxed yet - I'm working on it, though. It was a tough week and a half getting to this point; the kids had a cold, and then we all, except Judah - Praise Jesus - got a stomach bug. All of that amidst the packing, tea partying, college class wrap-up for both Daniel and I, house cleaning, and you know, daily life. It was completely nuts and something I am going to need a few days to recover from!

But, here we are, relaxing (or trying to!) in an absolutely beautiful home; twelve foot ceiling, Victorian gorgeousness, a massive winding staircase (that scares the crap outta me) huge windows, a wonderful fireplace, a knock your socks off shower, and most importantly... my family. I plan on enjoying my time to the fullest. I deserve a break and I am going to live it up!

You know, this is our first vacation in four years where Daniel hasn't had the doggone cell phone from recruiting - the one whose ring made my heart stop beating until I knew what the latest hurdle was we had to conquer. My husband is a different person today; it does my heart good to see him relaxed, calm, and stress-free.

Tonight we took the kids to the mall - a real mall! - to take a spin on the carousel. They had such FUN! Eliza is my dare devil; she was jumping up and down on her horse, trying to get it to go faster. She did the same thing on the plane; she was standing on my lap, looking out the window, jumping up and down as we were taking off. Like she was trying to get it to go baby, go, go, GO! She's awesome. And tons of fun.

Eliza did amazing on the plane - like, blow your mind amazing. She fussed one time right after she woke up from her one and only five minute nap. Her nap for the day. She was a complete joy, though. She laughed and played; we snuggled and she sucked her thumb for all it was worth. She was glorious! Eve too. It was a wonderful plane ride; one I could not have dreamed any better. I am eternally thankful because I was exhausted from life and being sick as a dog.

I apologize for being so hit and miss with my posting; it's not like me to be such a random blogger. But, life kinda kicked my booty and I had to concentrate on surviving.

I love and miss you all... Well, except for the grouchy anonymous commentors who I delete.

You know who you are. Bah humbuggers.

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The Tea Party!
The tea party was a hit! It was such a special day for my girl; she had looked forward to this tea party more than anything else ever, I do believe. She hadn't slept well in days because of her excitement. In fact, she was up at six that morning helping me!

Once the doorbell started chiming it was go, go, go! I loved seeing all the little girls in their gorgeous Christmas dresses, playing with each other and being extraordinarily happy! They pranced around the house feeling fancy as fancy could be. I decided then and there that five year old girls are my favorite.


After everyone arrived I still had some cookies to frost, but I had a couple other moms to help me out. I was very thankful because Eliza was completely overwhelmed by all the commotion! She was very needy which translated into fussy, fussy. I can do a lot of things one-handed and with a baby on my hip, but making those cookies look pretty would have proven to be a challenge.

Once the cookies were frosted all the girls found their place cards at the table and sat down.


We had a wonderful tea time; I loved seeing all the personalities come out as they chattered and ate. I haven't had such fun in a long time. Sure, it was a lot of work but because I was doing it for Eve and also with the thought of six beautiful faces seeing it all as magical... it was totally worth every second.


In fact, I am making it a Christmas tradition. I think with all the moving we will be doing in the next few years, Eve hosting a Christmas tea party every year may be just the ticket.

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Base Tree Lighting
Last week we attended our base's annual Christmas tree lighting. I fully prepared us for the cold, and once out in it, was quite thankful that I hadn't lost my cold weather touch. I had no idea New Mexico would get this cold! I think the wind is the main culprit but geez! I thought we were escaping some of the shivering, hat and mitten overload, red-nose weather! Apparently not. We froze our booties off. I told Daniel afterward I was pretty sure I had burned enough calories from shivering to have lost at least a couple pounds!

Hugs for Warmth

The kids were shivering and cold so they hugged to combine body warmth! I love it when they're sweet to each other.

Major brownie points go to me for remembering to bring hot coffee! It made the whole thing bearable, for sure.


We all enjoyed the coffee, though some more than others... Ahem.... Judah.

Coffee Time

He's defintely our child; a lover of the bean.

Bring on the coffee

All in all it was fun though my hand hurt for the rest of the night from being so cold! Seeing the kids faces when Santa and Mrs. Claus talked with them was worth all the hassle and the bone-chilling cold. Christmas is so much better through the eyes of a child.

Perhaps next time the wonderful, childish perspective could be experienced while visiting Santa in the mall.

If we had one, that is.

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What's Up, Buttercup!
I know... I've been MIA for more than a few days. I couldn't handle one more thing to do. Anyone else feel like that right now?

We had a nice weekend, super low key, we did nothing but relax and hang out with just our little family.

Well, it was low key if you don't count making a life altering decision on Sunday.

Other than that... defintely low key. Like the base-est of base keys, baby.

This week is prep for our trip home next week. I am also preparing for Eve to host a Christmas tea party on Saturday morning. If anyone has any fantastic, easy, sweet decorating ideas or websites for me, that would be much appreciated. I am decorating impaired. And I am more than telling the honest truth about that.

I have also been fervently working on my photography portfolio for my class. Fifteen dry mounted, original prints due Wednesday... Yikes! I'm ready, well, all except for the one picture I mounted CROOKED. It was my fifteenth one... the last one! And I mounted it crooked. Yeah. Go figure.
I must say, it was really interesting to see my pictures in print. It made me smile to hold my very own art in my hands.

Today the crazies struck and I went out in the windiest weather I have ever been in.... in my life... and took pictures of cows. When I told Daniel what I did he asked me if I was nuts!

Ummmm... most positively yes. And he loves that about me.

It's just that the light was fantastic today - beautifully cloudy, perfectly bright, and the cows were standing close to the fence. I need them close for taking photos. It was perfect... or it would have been if the cows hadn't all run off when I walked towards them!
It's funny... they were frightened but still curious, so they didn't run too far. I was able to get some good photos, thankfully, because
man oh man was it super cold and windy. I wasn't out of my car two minutes and my fingers were so numb that I was afraid I was going to drop my camera. Seriously. It was worth it, though.

Can I tell you about the wind...! Hooooly crap. It blew our humongous grill over today. Slammed it right onto the patio. I thought a chunk of the house blew off from the sounds of it! When I was dropping off (and picking up) Eve at school, the wind nearly knocked me right on my booty! I am not exaggerating. It took my breath away so violently that it frightened me.

Windswept Red

The evil wind also brought out the tumbleweeds. I hate the tumbleweeds. They scare me. They look alive tumbling across the fields and the roads - it's disturbing! And is there ever have a lot of them - BIG ones too. When you're driving it's like playing a game of dodgeball. Dodgeball from Hell. Because if one of these babies hits your car or, God forbid, gets stuck under your car... you're toast.

Tumbleweeds from Hell

Anyways... I think you are pretty much caught up on our life. Any questions?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Yeah, he threw the snowball.... It grazed my head.
Dancing in the Kitchen
Who needs a workout regiment when you can dance in the kitchen to Wizards In Winter?

I may not be the best dancer but the baby liked it. Seeing her smile was worth making a fool out of myself.

Oh, the calorie burning was nice too. But that just meant I could finish eating the pizza I was eating for breakfast.

Happy Birthday, Stud
Happy Birthday Daniel! I loved that we were awake last night so I could give you birthday sandwich kisses! One last kiss to my 27 year old husband, watching the clock until it turned midnight, and then kissing my newly minted 28 year old husband. I loved that you laughed when I lost track while trying to give you twenty-eight kisses. I'm glad you love your super silly wife.

We have a lot of fun together, don't we.

This 27th year of yours has been such a whirlwind of life; trying to hang on to one another through it hasn't always been so easy but here we are... still hanging on for dear life. We're stubborn like that.
Before we know it I'll be writing a letter to you on your 78th birthday, wondering where the time went. We'll still be hanging on to each other, more stubborn and in love than ever. Of this I'm sure. After all... we were meant to be.

Daniel and Andrea

Looking to year 28... we have a lot spread out in front of us! Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever have a year where everything is calm, normal, simple. We might get bored, don't you think? I'd like to give it try sometime, though.

Daniel, I love you. I love that I am really getting to know who you are. We're so past the surface stuff. We're into the this is for real stuff. I love that.
We've come a long way, baby. And this is only our 8th-ish year of celebrating your birthday together! I am looking forward to the many years sure to come.
Sorry I can't make you a peanut butter pie this year. I miss having every ingredient I could possibly need at my fingertips. Just know, if I could make you that pie I would. I know how much you love the delicious, high fat but who cares, melt in your mouth, layers of chocolaty peanut buttery, cream cheesy goodness, pie. (That was just mean of me, wasn't it.) Maybe at Christmas time I'll make it for you. That would make you happy, and you know how much I love to see you happy.

Daniel, thanks for loving me, thanks for liking me, thanks for being my best friend. But thanks most of all for being you. I love every inch of the brand new 28 year old you.

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This is Savannah, my friend Cherie's middle child.


She is a firecracker, this one. She has the best hair, she's light as a feather, and I could photograph her all day long.


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Birthday Pumas
Judah loves his Pumas. He jumps higher, runs faster, and growls louder. Perfect for a little boy, wouldn't you say?

Nothing Quite Like It
It's full swing with the Christmas music around here. My kids are loving it! It's the sweetest thing to hear Judah's little voice singing All I Want For Christmas. One of their current favorites is listening to the Chipmunks sing their famed Christmas song, all while they play "tent" aka take all the cushions off the couch and pretend it's a tent aka destroy the livingroom.

Alvin. Alvin! ALVIN!! Anyone?


Sure, we love Pandora, and I was all about downloading the free Christmas music off of Oprah's website and having Daniel make me a cd.
Daniel loves the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I love my Harry, but there is nothing quite like listening to the tried and true Christmas songs played on the record player. It's perfection, if you ask me.

And it's not just about the Christmas music either; it's pretty awesome to see my kids enjoying the old, old, old storybook records that I listened to as a child. I loved listening to those records... waiting for the Tinkerbell's twinkle telling me to turn the page. I have wonderful, vivid memories of those times.


You ought to buy your little family a record player this year. Records are way cheap - I found mine at a garage sale for a dollar a piece. We previously had my Grandma Chips and Poppie's record player but unfortunately it kicked the bucket. My parents bought us a new one from Target this summer.


Think about it. Because there are some wonderful memories to be made 'round the record player.
A Little (Big) Highlighting Going On...
I was feeling boring in the hair department. After studying myself in the mirror... I decided a highlight was in order. I picked out a chunk of hair in the front and went to town. Because, after all, it's only hair.


I like it, though there needs to be some toning. I certainly don't feel boring anymore.

Miss Kindergarten Teacher...

Last week I did a photoshoot with Eve's kindergarten teacher. It was such fun! And such a challenge. Bright, bright, bright sun. She is one busy lady and this was the only time she had...we made the best of it!


She was so easy to work with and so beautiful! A great combination. Hopefully we can do this again with better lighting.


Eve is so blessed to have such a wonderful kindergarten teacher!


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