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I felt the baby move today, it's not the first time but it was the first big movement. I had flopped on the bed for a few more minutes of quiet before the monkeys got up, and when I did that it felt like the baby did a big somersault. It kind of took my breath away. It is so amazing to feel life in your womb, no matter how many times you have been pregnant. Truly, it never gets old.
Yet another reason why I'm pretty sure we're #1 with our neighbors

Can't you almost hear the scream that went along with this? It was quickly followed with an identical scream from her adoring brother. Sigh.
Skunks stink
There are a few things in life I have seen, and hope to never see again - one of them is the skunk that was frolicking on our front step area last night. So disturbing. Skunks are ticking time bombs; unfortunately, that one went off at about 4:00 in this morning yanking me out of the first good sleep I've had in awhile. I pretty much thought I was going to hurl. It stung the back of my throat, and made sleep illusive. Death to all skunks, I say!
Long time no blog
We've been so tied up doing all this! I love to blog but I am currently choosing life over blogging. Busy kids, busy growing baby, busy marriage, busy life and it's good. We'll be around.....

(click to enlarge - I am really bad at this slide show etc. stuff, sorry!)

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It's summertime ya know!

Daniel and I have been MIA for the last few days while we took a mini vacation to Boston sans kids. It was completely wonderful and so needed. It's been busy around here and will continue to be so - it summertime and that's life! I am loving it!
Poor Horsey

I should have realized that he never stood a chance.

This morning at about 11:00, Eve plopped herself down on the orange chair with a resigned sigh, saying....

"I am just going to wait in this chair until Mi-Mi and Gi-Gi get here."

I informed her 7 hours was going to be a long wait, but if I could get her anything, to just let me know. There have been a few breaks from the waiting chair for a movie, lunch, and a much needed nap but otherwise she's still waiting....

And Tarrah laughs at me for not telling my children what we are going to do, or who is coming over until the last minute! Waiting can be hard on a little girl's heart, you know.
It happens so rarely that I always try to get a picture before the moment is gone. This is not to say that Judah doesn't love his sister, but he really isn't a "hugger" when it comes to Eve. I cherish these times.

Too bad Eve doesn't. Can you hear the "Juuuu-DAH! I am working very hard on my garden right now!" that accompanied this look? Priceless moments. Really.
Saturday Sales
Does anyone else love going to garage sales? I have a blast at it. With my grandfather being full blooded Lebanese, I think I received the natural skill of haggling prices from my Persian blood. It's like a game to me.

Daniel and I have a good handle on the whole issue of "stuff". We go to the sales looking for specific items, and for the most part come away either with that item or leave empty handed. Today I was looking for a crib. And I found one. A really nice, solid crib. An older couple was selling it which I found to be a little surprising. I actually asked if they were just selling antiques. Oops! From the confused look on the very nice woman's face I had my answer. 20 dollars for the crib. I can do that. I also bought from them a beautiful wooden highchair and a very cute, vintage red highchair-ish kind of thing. It doesn't have a tray, which I love about it, and I can envision our kids using it all the time.

They were also selling a bouncy horse that is beautiful; I generally don't see that type of thing at sales so I quickly scooped it up. Eve pretty much never stopped riding it this evening. I bought a pair of roller blades for the kids, a really nice lamp, (when it inherits a new shade) and a few items of clothing for the baby on the way. I had so much fun, and I have no "after the fact" guilt. Pretty good for not having intentions of garage saling today!

Happiness is....

I have been lambasted with a need - a need - people, for a cinnamon roll. An ooey- gooey cinnamon roll. I went to Allrecipes, because that is my go-to site, and I found a recipe for the cinnabons that you can buy in the mall. I've only had them a couple times, when I was much younger and before we changed our diet, but the memory lingers. Whenever I walk past the cinnabon store I pretty much salivate. Can you even imagine my feelings of happiness when I discovered the recipe, it had 5 stars, and a picture. Sold, totally sold. I can smell them now.
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