6 years...Oh My!
Sometimes I just can't believe it's been six years that Daniel and I have been married for. Other times I feel like we've been married forever. When I think back on our wedding it feels like it was a different life, with a different girl and a different boy. I suppose in a way it was all of those things. We've gone from living out our first year of marriage in a tiny, cozy love nest of an apartment in Eagle River Alaska, complete with hot water in the toilet (I'll let you think about how nice that was!!), having the time of our lives just finally able to be together, to Grand Forks North Dakota, land of the miserable wind and so many mosquitoes that they sent a plane every week during the summer to spray the base with God only knows what; having beautiful Eve join our family; Daniel working a 4 day work week with a 3 day weekend... every weekend; shopping at Super Target, and having a Commissary, to Vermont the land of having babies, working, and zero time for anything else. Every season is so different, some easy and some really tough.
No one would have dreamed the two of us would get married, but God knew that we were just right for traversing this thing called life together. I heard someone talk on the radio talk recently about how they believe life doesn't have ups and downs, instead that whenever there is something really hard in your life there is at that same time always something really good, and vise versa. I've seen how whenever life has thrown us a curve ball, and times have been tough the really good thing happening right along side the hard time has consistently been our marriage. I am so very thankful for these six years of marriage; I am thankful for today, which is one more day with Daniel, and I pray that there will be a lot of tomorrows to make memory upon memory, continuing to build a wonderful life.

Here's to thousands more!!

**** I like to dream big ya know!!

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