Camping Tips, Please

So, we're trying to go camping with Sam and Tarrah which, in my head, sounds really fun. Reality might prove to be a bit more stressful. I had dreams all last night about how awful camping was going to be and I woke up with my enthusiasm a bit tempered.

I remember how much fun camping was when I was the child. Key phrase there is 'when I was the child' which translates into: no real work, only fun. But, that won't stop us as adults now, we're crazy like that. The hard work doesn't bother me, it's the that stress of camping with really small children that does.

But still,camping lures me. It lures me with it's freedom and no housework. It's easy and delicious meals, with swimming all the time, the smell of food cooking on the campfire, going to bed when you feel tired, and never (as a child) knowing what time it really was. Oh, and s'mores. No camping experience is complete without s'mores.

So, I am sure we'll be camping at some point soon, but I'd like some practical tips. Ideas on how to make my life easier on our first camping experience with small children. Tips on camping, in general, as well.

I've just have to say I'm really glad Daniel and I are going with Sam and Tarrah, who are serious campers, 'cause I'm a little green.... and possibly very afraid of bears.
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