Back to work, pictures coming, classes starting
I'm back from Lake Placid. We got our pictures back yesterday from Bob. He took some family pictures for us three weeks ago when we visited our family south of Syracuse. They turned out really well and I'll be posting some of them later tonight. The conference went well. It was a three day "training" conference for all the Air Force recruiters in upstate and western NY, along with a few from western PA and all of Vermont. It was kind of tough to leave though. It was like a flashback from being deployed. I'm just glad it wasn't any longer than it was 'cause I don't think the kids could really grasp the idea that this trip wasn't the same as my last one. All they knew was that Daddy was gone again. But, I'm back now and they're good. And in more news, my next class starts tomorrow. I'm working towards a B.S. in Religion through Liberty University. This will be a theology class for 8 weeks. I'm only taking one class at a time since my work schedule is crazy enough without throwing a ton of other stuff in there with it.
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