A Fall Weekend in Vermont
We headed to Shelburne Orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. It was a little late in the season so the trees weren't exactly full but there were still plenty. Weather was a little cool but not bad. Just what you would expect from a crisp fall day in New England.
Eve's carrying the bag (such a "big girl") and I've got the pole picker
. . . Turns out, didn't need a pole picker!

Andrea, and Judah in his sling

** I've got a bunch more pictures to post. We went and visited some friends the next day and got some more good shots. However. . Blogger in it's infinite wisdom has decided that I am done posting pictures for the day. I will try again later and hopefully not get the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" screen. BTW, remember the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)? Something I haven't seen in a rather long time. I think "Page Cannot Be Displayed" may be a new contender.

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