Birthday Girl
Mrs. Hub turned 26 today. I had her present ready, but our daughter needed to get a present this morning. I took her shopping, but before we went, I asked her what she wanted to get Mommy. She said, "a baby".
"What kind of baby?"
"Like Abraham" (our friend's 2 month old)
"Honey, I don't think Mama wants one of those kinds of babies right now"
"Can we get her a dolly?"
So, we went to get a dolly, buy some flowers, and get back to the house so I could get started on baking the cake. Yes, I can cook (a little), and bake (a little). I never really do because my wife is the best cook in world and spoils me daily. But nobody should have to make their own cake on their own birthday. I made a pound cake. In a bundt pan. As of today, I know what a bundt pan is. I'm pretty pleased with myself. While the cake was in the oven we all went for a walk, then play time, nap time, and dinner time. Then cake, opening presents, waiting for the baby sitter, and going on our date. Here's some pictures.

On our walk

My amazing, incredible, out-of-this-world pound cake

Getting ready to eat the amazing, incre. . . . . pound cake

26 years holding 11 months

Good looks run in the family

It was her day. She deserves it, more than anyone. Let me just brag a little here. My wife is so incredible, it really amazes me every day. We've been married somewhere past 5 years now and I still haven't figured out how I got to be so blessed to get to marry her. She is not a dream come true because I couldn't dream this good. She's more. She works far harder than I do. Daily, keeping our house together and our kids presentable. She cares for us all day every day, she is never not "on". She is great in all that you could throw under the label of stay-at-home-mom. But her cooking, oh her cooking. It could be that she's found her way to my heart through my stomach, but I'm serious. She's good. And I feel like I have to qualify that because I know a lot of guys out there that claim good home cooking. So let me explain. We don't own prepackaged anything. If she is planning on cooking or baking something that requires a certain amount of flour, she grinds it out of wheat berries. That's how fresh I'm eating. She makes everything from scratch, every night. And she isn't stuck on 7 different recipes. Sure I've got some favorites that will always be around, but she is continually trying new things, new meals. Always good. Enough about food. Final thought. With a birthday comes the usual "I can't believe I'm another year older" and "I just can't imagine being 36 or 56 or 76". It's hard to imagine being 76 together, but I'm looking forward to the next 50 years. I love this woman.

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