A Driving Contradiction
I want to make a few minor template changes so I won't be long here. But I have to get this off my chest and tell me if you agree. I was driving down the interstate earlier today and passed a vehicle. This vehicle had a "buy local" bumper sticker. Now I'm all for that, it's great, sure whatever. But . . . this sticker was on the back of a Toyota!!! Now, I drive Nissan's myself and appreciate Toyotas for their craftsmanship and reliability, so I'm not against her pick of cars. But I have to imagine that as she was putting the sticker on her bumper, her eyes had to have been within 36-48 inches from the Toyota emblem blazoned on the trunk lid. How do you miss that? Where's the disconnect? Aaagggghhhh! I probably shouldn't let that kind of thing frustrate me, but where's Bill Engvall (the Here's your sign guy) when you need him?
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