a Rant
Microsoft- I found today that now if I want my Hotmail account to feed into my Outlook program, I have to pay a subscription fee. Should I really be paying Microsoft a fee so that Microsoft Hotmail can be able to communicate with Microsoft Outlook? NO. So I switched my Internet Explorer over to Firefox, my Hotmail to Gmail and my Outlook to Thunderbird.

Blogger- I logged on tonight and they told me the new version of Blogger is ready for me. Has anyone else made that switch yet, if so, I'm waiting to hear from you. Either post a comment or email me please.

Work- I found out today that somebody I enlisted is now disqualified because their drug test came back positive from when they went for their physical. He just threw away a career in the Air Force. So that's a bummer for me, considering all the work I put into helping him get in. Although it will be one more notch in my Army recruiting belt. Army Strong. You know I put as many people in the Army every month as they do? Here I am in the Air Force, one of their best recruiters.
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