Saturday Sales
Does anyone else love going to garage sales? I have a blast at it. With my grandfather being full blooded Lebanese, I think I received the natural skill of haggling prices from my Persian blood. It's like a game to me.

Daniel and I have a good handle on the whole issue of "stuff". We go to the sales looking for specific items, and for the most part come away either with that item or leave empty handed. Today I was looking for a crib. And I found one. A really nice, solid crib. An older couple was selling it which I found to be a little surprising. I actually asked if they were just selling antiques. Oops! From the confused look on the very nice woman's face I had my answer. 20 dollars for the crib. I can do that. I also bought from them a beautiful wooden highchair and a very cute, vintage red highchair-ish kind of thing. It doesn't have a tray, which I love about it, and I can envision our kids using it all the time.

They were also selling a bouncy horse that is beautiful; I generally don't see that type of thing at sales so I quickly scooped it up. Eve pretty much never stopped riding it this evening. I bought a pair of roller blades for the kids, a really nice lamp, (when it inherits a new shade) and a few items of clothing for the baby on the way. I had so much fun, and I have no "after the fact" guilt. Pretty good for not having intentions of garage saling today!

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