Baby Bonnets
A couple of you asked about the bonnet Eliza was wearing in the pictures from the other day. I actually bought hers at a second hand store in Vermont for a dollar.

But don't despair! I did a little digging, along with my friend Kim, and we found a couple great resources for sweet baby bonnets.

Just to let you know, I did check out Etsy first but found zip in the way of Eliza's type of bonnet. Bummer. I like supporting other moms.

I kept on looking...

Here is one I found that has a bunch of beautiful, feminine, cotton bonnets. My favorite is the puff crown; I just love that shade of pink.

Another place Kim found is here. Honestly, I love every one of the bonnets on this web page. I would put any of them on Eliza and call it fantastic.

I hope this helps because there really is nothing cuter on a baby girl than a bonnet. See for yourself...

Cutie Eliza
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