What a blast!
Our 4th of July was SO fun!! It started on Tuesday night with a town concert on the green. We met some friends there, brought a picnic, and let the kids play while listening to the music. The event didn't actually start until 7pm. which is Judah's bedtime, so I was a little concerned. It was a waste of my time to worry! Both of the kids were awesome! I have never seen Judah in such a good mood! He was the goofiest, silliest, most fun he has ever been. We laughed so much at both of them and it made for a wonderful concert time.

Around 9pm. about 20 - 25 people loaded up on our friends personal firetruck and off we went to downtown Burlington to watch the fireworks over the water. I hadn't ever ridden in a firetruck before,and neither had the kids, what an experience!! I have never had such a fun ride in my life! Eve held on to my hand with a death grip, letting go once in awhile to blow the horns, or turn the lights on and off. I could see Daniel in the rear view mirror- he was hanging on the back on the truck. People were piled on top,on the back, and in any open space! For the fireworks we sat on the corner of the main road downtown, at the top of the last hill before the water. Such the perfect spot! It was pretty surreal to be sitting on the corner of a usually very busy road watching fireworks. It was the first time for either of the kids and they loved them! After they were finished we headed to a local burger joint and had some food, then off to bed. We actually didn't get the kids in bed until 11:30, but they did so amazing!
Wednesday we headed back over to our friend's house, along with a zillion fire fighters for bagels and mimosas,(our friend is the chief of the local fire department) and to watch the parade. It passes right in front of their house so it was perfect. Towards the end of the parade everyone split up onto one of their three firetrucks and we joined in the parade. The kids waved their flags at the parade goers, and clanged the bell. Again, what an experience!! We spent the rest of the day recovering from all the fun. Great memories!

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