Hanging out with the cool kids who actually camped

We did not camp...I chickened out. Too many hormones, too much stuff, too much work and way too little sleep. I just couldn't do it. But, we have a really nice tent and air mattress when we decide to camp in the future. Those cool friends of ours over at Blue-Eyed Babies
really did camp, and we went and hung out with them for a couple of days. It was fun! The guys did manly stuff like drink beer by the campfire, play with knives, explored way up the river, and change diapers. We all ate yummy food, ran after children, got s'mores stuck in our hair, laughed a lot, inhaled tons of fresh air, and changed more diapers. Maybe someday we'll be cool like our friends and really camp.

**I just have include a shout out to Amazon...We are in our 2nd year of being members of Amazon Prime. Membership costs us 80 bucks a year, and when we buy an item labeled Amazon Prime I can choose 2 or 3 day shipping for free, or pay 3.99 for overnight shipping. I bought our tent and air mattress on Tuesday around 4:00p.m. est and chose the overnight option - it was delivered and on my doorstep at 9:00 the next morning. I was shocked and amazed! I am so impressed with how awesome that is every time that happens!
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