Because they make eating so much fun
I have been buying Eve these Hefty Zoo Pals plates for a long time now.

They are so hilarious and you just never know what mixture of animals you are going to come home with.

Eve has a blast picking the pack out at the store; we line up all the different packages they have and she gets to decide which ones to buy. The fun continues at home where she picks out her plate before each meal. It really is the little things with kids; the money spent is minor when I think of the laughs we have had,

the fun conversations that have come from a plate of an animal she didn't recognize- like the peacock, and Eve's sense of having something that is special just for her. Besides, they are a ton of fun to eat off! Syrup for pancakes always go in the ears, and vegetables fit just perfect in there too.

Judah is starting to get in on the act now as well!

I have bought the plastic ware that matches the plates and I have also seen the cups and bowls too. It seems to me that a mixture of the Zoo Pals line would be a great gift for a toddler, relatively inexpensive and the fun is spread out over a long period of time.
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