A satisfied customer? Not yet..
***Update: Mark Bove came to my house this morning. Basically shoved a box of sauce and meatballs into my arms and left. Thankful? Yes, for the sauce. A little ticked off? Yup, that he didn't have the to integrity to apologize for not showing up yesterday or calling.
So, all in all, glad he came but he botched a chance to really make good. Working here: Scott Miller Salon and Spa I was taught how to do customer service right. Guess I'm spoiled.***

I was angry, very angry! I had just spent an hour and a half making a delicious looking dinner of Chicken Parmesan. I had already eaten my fair share with my eyes...what they say is true in my opinion- we are visual eaters.

I handed Daniel the jar of Bove's marinara sauce to open since he was standing next to me. He commented on how the lid came off easy; I proceeded to pour the entire contents of the jar over the chicken, red peppers, mushrooms etc. As I grabbed the top of the jar to throw away I noticed that there was a big piece of mold on it. My stomach lurched as I put it all together- moldy top that had come off easy...it was never sealed and our dinner was going in the trash. I've had food poisoning once and I never, never want to have that experience again.

I might've slammed a few cupboards as reality set in. I asked Daniel to throw it away because I just couldn't do it. Just couldn't do it. He cleaned everything up as I tried to call the company to let them know exactly how I felt; luckily for them and me no one was there. After I had calmed down I wrote an e-mail to the customer service at Bove's. I tried to keep a good balance of accepting responsibility for using a jar of sauce that was unsealed but still letting them know I was not happy.

We really love Bove's sauce; we've been buying it from Costco for quite awhile now. It is also a local company and in keeping with "the Vermont way" we support the locals when we can. But I've been known to boycott a company when they haven't righted a wrong. I really didn't want to have to do that with Bove's.

So, about 9pm. last night I get a phone call from Mark Bove. I just about died. He apologized profusely to me; he seemed very sincere. He took my address and let me know he was going to come to my house tomorrow (Monday) and bring me some sauce. His comment was that I was going to be "very content this week". I was impressed.

It is now 6:06pm with no Mark Bove bringing me sauce. I'm thinking he's not coming today and I wonder....was it all a facade? It seemed that he was trying to right a wrong. I hope to be satisfied but as of now I am still in the same position as last night: empty handed and not happy.
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