Diapers, diapers, and more diapers
I don't know why I strayed for so long. Pampers really are the best disposable diapers that I have found. But, I do shop at Costco a lot and the big boxes of diapers tempted me beyond belief. Not a huge price break but to have that many diapers at once, they literally lasted us months, was very nice. They do eventually run out and we ended up needing diapers on the 4th of July, Costco wasn't open so off to Walmart we went. (We needed a couple of other items there otherwise we would've headed to the grocery store. Spending more than 5 minutes in Walmart makes Daniel very angry, but that's another story for another day. )

Now a couple of days later and I am wondering why I ever strayed. I really love pampers. They don't leak, I can actually put Judah's pj's on for more than one night at a time. And they smell so pretty. I literally inhaled the newly opened package. One more side benefit is now Judah asks me to change his diaper, all because he wants to wear a different Sesame Street friend. Oh, the wonderful things Elmo does for me.

If you are curious there is a very interesting string of posts going on at Far Beyond Pearls.
She is discussing the benefits of cloth diapers along with detailed tutorials, and information on what kind and where to buy the type she uses. She makes some excellent points, and truly it doesn't seem like too much more work. But, I usually have to think on those type of changes for a long time. I did cloth with Eve for awhile so it's not new territory. We'll see.

Besides all that, you should head over there and visit, she is such a lovely, down to earth blogger. I always enjoy reading her posts. Make sure you tell her you came from over here please!

Happy wiping baby's booties if you have them!!
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