How much is too much
Eve with the egg she found at Shelburne Farms

I am trying to figure this out with regards to Eve. She is four, with a need to get prepped for kindergarten. She doesn't need academic help, but more in the social skills department.

I struggled with the preschool decision. Should I enroll her or not? I had a really hard time finding a preschool that was just that - a preschool. They seem to be mostly day-cares with a little learning thrown in for good measure. Not what I was looking for, at all. Then I found a program at one of our favorite places - Shelburne Farms. It is perfect. A small group with an excellent child to teacher ratio. The emphasis being on gardening, nature, and the environment. Eve is so interested in these areas. With this program she'll be learning both social and group skills, and I like that it's only one day a week.

She is also going to be involved in the AWANA clubs at church. I am really excited about this. I think she is going to have a blast! I love that we get to be involved as well, helping her do book work during the week.
Her main interest is that the prizes she may receive would be candy. This comes from a girl who has never had "real" candy, since we don't eat any refined sugar. (She'll get to swap the "real" candy for a healthier version of a lollipop here at home)

Here comes the sticky part. Do we stop here, at two events a week. Or, do I add in gymnastics, making it three weekly events. She loves gymnastics, but I don't want to go overboard on her. We, as of right now, have no scheduled weekly events. Besides the selfish reason of missing her and wanting her to be with me, I worry that she'll be over-extended. I love her sweet personality, how she enjoys being with me. What I don't enjoy is cranky, tired Eve.

Where's the balance? I am just not sure.
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