We had to stop by the grocery store on the way home from a wedding shower; Eve saw the seagulls. She asked me if she could chase them, I said yes. I knew they were going to fly away, I knew that she didn't stand a chance at getting close to them. Yet, I said yes. She really wasn't all that disappointed when they flew, because she knew they were going to fly away as well.
As I watched her I was thinking how much this mirrors my life these days, except my "seagulls" are answers to the questions of - what is next, where do we go, what are we going to be doing job-wise; around and around the questions swirl in my head.

I wrote in my journal a couple of mornings ago for the first time in probably eight months. Two pages of questions. I was hoping that when I woke up yesterday morning I would find the consecutive pages filled with the answers to my questions.

Illusive answers.

Perhaps someday I will look back and see those answers written on the pages of my life.
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