Thankful Thursdays
I read my friend Tarrah's Thankful Thursday every week, and I love it. So I decided I would join in. You can visit Iris for more TT links.

This week I am thankful for:

** Chocolate. Seriously, it gets me through at times!

** My husband's vacation. It was so incredible to have him home with us this last week. I loved sharing all the moments that happen through out the day but I forget about by the time he normally gets home. Like Judah saying: "Go way fly!" and shoo-ing the air with his hand.

** My Gram and Poppie's visit. They have loved me so well my whole life, I am deeply thankful that they have invested so much of themselves in my life. I am very thankful for their wisdom and willingness to listen to us.

** I am thankful for the delicious vegetables Tarrah shared with me. She let me go pick up her share of the CSA she belongs to since she was on vacation and couldn't pick them up herself. So yummy!

** For Eve having a blast at AWANA clubs. I love to see her happy and making new friends.

** For how amazing Eve is in group settings. We are constantly complimented on her excellent behavior and good manners. Her teachers often tell us they wish all the kids were like Eve. It is encouraging to hear these things, because parenting is hard work!

** For the kiss Judah gave me tonight! He has been really stingy lately!

** Did I mention chocolate?

** For my health, and that I can grow another baby in my womb.

** For Tarrah and Sam, our good friends. It's so nice to have them home from their vacation. Yeah, selfish - I know!

** For my mother-in-law, that she loves me.
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