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One day last week I had committed to making a meal for a new arrival to base. I spent the afternoon making two roasted chickens, two apples pies ( one of each for them and one for us), sweet potato biscuits, roasted potatoes, carrots... you know, the whole nine yards. Daniel and I were scheduled to drop it off at 5:00 pm. At 4:30 the guy called Daniel and told him it wasn't a convenient day for them to have the meal brought over. (We later learned they had accepted an invitation to dinner at someone's house.)


I tried to call the church to see if there was anyone in need of a meal. They were gone for the day.

I was batting zero!

We eventually delighted a single guy who Daniel knew from his old recruiting squadron with the meal.

But seriously! Hmmmmm....

I chalked it up to immaturity. It was either that or cry...

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