To Be Me
I'm 27 years old, and I am putting my foot down. I want to be me. And no one else.

I am so tired of trying to fit into a mold - to make myself into what the "normal mom" persona is. I just don't roll like that. I'm unconventional. I'm different. And I've always been different, but afraid to swim against the stream.

Why? Why would I do that to myself?

I was unpacking boxes filled with decorations today - in search of a jolly jumper ( I have 2! Can find 0!) and my blow dryer (no such luck) when it hit me... I don't even like most of my home decorations. They're not me. Not me at all. And I won't be using them (garage sale!). I'd rather have nothing on my walls than go back to how I had been decorating. I like COLOR and POLKA DOTS. I like FUNKY FLOWERS and and I want to decorate my kitchen in RED, CHOCOLATE, and TURQUOISE.

I don't like plaids (except for my blog!) or big, soft rose patterns. I like funky vintage and big pictures. I don't do knick-knacks, or collections of well, anything.

Except children, I guess.

Perhaps this is why I have had such a hard time decorating all my life. I've been trying to be someone I am not. I realized that I had been thinking and decorating with the mindset of not wanting people walking into my house thinking..."Whoa! Holy color, man! This girl is weird!" But, thankfully, I do subscribe to the theory that less is more. My less just happens to be bright. And bold.

So, if you walk into my house someday and are hit with an explosion of color and funk, don't freak out. It's just me being me. I'll hand you one of my chocolate chip cookies and all will be right in your world once more.

Well, until you open your eyes again.
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