Little Miss Serious
So Serious.

Eliza Dove has been sick.

Sick, sick, sick.

I hate it when my babies get sick. My heart breaks for them.

Eliza is a trooper, though. She tried her best to flash us a smile every now and then. She tried to eat. She didn't cry too much when she would throw-up. But the baths... the million and one baths she had to endure.... they got to her.

Eliza has issues with running water. And by issues, I mean, she hates it. Poor thing, when she would throw-up she would inevitably end up with it all over her body. In that instance, the drawing of a luxurious bath was not forefront in my mind. So, into the bath she would go, running water and all.

And then the screaming would ensue. Believe me when I say, it was as torturous for me as it was for her.

Little Miss Serious

Little 'Liza-Lu started to perk up a bit yesterday after her afternoon nap. I was happy to see her face break into that sunshiny smile I love so much. She even belly laughed last night while I was getting her dressed into some pajamas.

The serious face that she sports while sick is a thing of the past. And I am so glad! I sure was missing my sunshine girl.

But now... Judah is complaining of his tummy.

Summer... HURRY UP!


Here's a little live Eliza for you... Beware, the high five at the end may slay you with it's cuteness!

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