Andrea's Official Fashion Opinion
Yeah right.

I am so officially NOT a fashionista as one can plainly see by my official fashion vocabulary. It consists mainly of two phrases:

Heck, yes. (totally wear this or something similar)


Heck, no. (Never in a million years/over my dead body)

But, I am a woman and I do enjoy fashion very much. I look at every fashion-y thing I can... I pore over my J.Crew magazines when they come in.... I love Anthropologie deeply, though I need to update my address so I can start getting the catalogues again. The online Anthropolgie has been my friend lately.
Between these two catalogues I always find way too many things I would love to call my very own. But, since I can't afford to buy much from either place (totally splurged on a pair of J.Crew jeans the other day!) I have to find ways to be fashion forward within our budget.

Enter thrift stores.

I heard that gasp, by the way.

Thrift stores are an excellent source for finding a few awesome pieces of clothing, especially now, what with the 80's totally making a resurgence. If you look and have an open mind there are great pieces of clothing you can find for teeny, tiny amounts of money. Fantastic shift dresses, scarves for belts... Little cardigans are back in style along with the longer cardigans; I have found some terrific, well made cardigans at thrift stores over the years. A tiny dark green one with jeweled buttons comes to mind quickly. And jewelry... long, somewhat gaudy necklaces whether pearls or flowers, or just plain gold are very in right now. Hello, thrift stores should be your first stop. They are FULL of this type of jewelry.



Anyways, today I did something I never... never ever thought I would find myself doing again in my entire life.

Are you ready for it?

I rolled my jeans.

Hello sixth grade! I'm baaack!

The scariest part was the art of rolling came back to me like nothing. Disturbing to say the least.

Rolled Up Jeans

I saw it here, in the J.Crew catalogue, and thought... Hey! I can do that! I can be in style and have spent zero money!

White Jeans

So I did.

The Whole Sha-bang

Should you want more of Andrea's Official Fashion Opinion you can visit my flickr page where there I shared a bit more of my (sometimes badly) marked up J.Crew catalogue. Just look on the right side of the page at the "sets" and click the one that is marked as AOFO.

But only look if you dare... it's very official.

Was my jean rolling a hit or miss?
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