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I'm exclusively posting over at my new home: sgtandmrshub.com

Exclusively posting besides this one.... ahem.
New Blog
Okay... it's not quite done. There are a few things still needing to be worked out but I did post my iHeartFaces entry over there today.

So, come on over to my very own, new home. It's simple, with no fuss whatsoever, and just how I like it.


Bear with me during the transition, won't you? If you subscribe to my feed, please do update it. There's a tab at the top of my page!
My blog might start to look a little bit funky... The transition from this blog to the new one has begun.

I'm excited but you know, I really have issues with change.

And yet, here I am, a military wife.

The things that make you go "Hmmmmm...."
A Startling Development
We've had quite the development here at our house....

Eve and the Toothless Grin

It's surreal to me that I have a child old enough to be losing teeth. The tooth fairy was good to her though I doubt she'll ever spend the coins. She called them her "special money." Nobody, more specifically, her kid brother, is allowed to touch them.

I love that she wrote out her name with a little "v" in the middle. That's my favorite way of writing her name. I didn't think she had ever noticed...
She's my Little Mama
Eliza's new thing is running around in her towel after her bath. And by running I mean a stiff-legged, booty sticking wa-ay-ay out, trot. She slays me.

I love after-bath babies. Incredibly soft, and breathe deep sweet smelling.

My Bath Baby
Tuesday Recipe?
Bacon and Three Cheese Omelette

Is there any interest in a resurgence of my "Tuesday Recipe?" I think I am up for the challenge if you all want me to bring it back.

By the way, I am getting myself a brand spankin' new website that includes a recipes tab (YAY!).

Anyways, let me know!
Houston... We've Got A Problem.
Things were going along swimmingly. Cute outfit, flowers in hand, sitting in a suitcase with a mirror, old-school bow in the hair...


And then the bottom fell out. Or should I say, the top fell down...


Mama swept in and lifted the lid. But, she totally bailed.


I was given strict instructions to go torture someone else. And so I did.

Eve in a Tree
iHeartFaces: Green

Eve was out and about last Sunday afternoon, taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. Her cute little nose was sniffing all sorts of fresh spring flowers! Apparently this particular flowering pear tree didn't smell so good to her. Ha!

Stinky Flowers

Join in the fun over at I ♥ Faces! The theme is "Green" and the contest will close Tuesday night.
A Little Mommy Dearest Advice
Dear Eliza,

A little advice...

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose.


But, you can't pick your friend's nose.

Love you,

xoxo Mama
Baby Bonnets
A couple of you asked about the bonnet Eliza was wearing in the pictures from the other day. I actually bought hers at a second hand store in Vermont for a dollar.

But don't despair! I did a little digging, along with my friend Kim, and we found a couple great resources for sweet baby bonnets.

Just to let you know, I did check out Etsy first but found zip in the way of Eliza's type of bonnet. Bummer. I like supporting other moms.

I kept on looking...

Here is one I found that has a bunch of beautiful, feminine, cotton bonnets. My favorite is the puff crown; I just love that shade of pink.

Another place Kim found is here. Honestly, I love every one of the bonnets on this web page. I would put any of them on Eliza and call it fantastic.

I hope this helps because there really is nothing cuter on a baby girl than a bonnet. See for yourself...

Cutie Eliza
Sick but Glam!
The bug caught up with Eve last night. Bless her heart, she is miserable. But you certainly wouldn't know it by looking at her. Earrings, bracelet, sparkly mini skirt, barrette, coordinating tights... She's decked out in a typical outfit.

Sick but Glam

Eve has her own sense of fashion and one of her rules is:

"Just because I feel like crap doesn't mean I have to look like crap."

(Okay, I paraphrased.)

Eve is 100 percent wardrobe conscience at all times. Even when vomiting.

Eve and the Sickness

I hope that someday she finds a man that celebrates this fantastic part of who she is...
Loved to Death
Eve knew, from the first time her eyes gazed upon all the sparkly shoes sitting on the shelf, which color was "the one" for her.


She's loved them ever since that moment. Loved them to death.


I can't pry them from her. Not that I've tried. I've come to the point in my mothering career where I've learned to let some things go. And that includes Eve wearing these shoes in public.

They make her happy. She loves them. And I love her.

I wish I could buy her a new pair but I don't live near the Target where we bought them at. Or any Target for that matter. And I haven't seen shoes similar to hers around here. Shopping is very, well, limited in this town. So, she wears them and it's okay.

Maybe not classy but it's okay.

And hey, at least we know we didn't waste our money.
Little Miss Serious
So Serious.

Eliza Dove has been sick.

Sick, sick, sick.

I hate it when my babies get sick. My heart breaks for them.

Eliza is a trooper, though. She tried her best to flash us a smile every now and then. She tried to eat. She didn't cry too much when she would throw-up. But the baths... the million and one baths she had to endure.... they got to her.

Eliza has issues with running water. And by issues, I mean, she hates it. Poor thing, when she would throw-up she would inevitably end up with it all over her body. In that instance, the drawing of a luxurious bath was not forefront in my mind. So, into the bath she would go, running water and all.

And then the screaming would ensue. Believe me when I say, it was as torturous for me as it was for her.

Little Miss Serious

Little 'Liza-Lu started to perk up a bit yesterday after her afternoon nap. I was happy to see her face break into that sunshiny smile I love so much. She even belly laughed last night while I was getting her dressed into some pajamas.

The serious face that she sports while sick is a thing of the past. And I am so glad! I sure was missing my sunshine girl.

But now... Judah is complaining of his tummy.

Summer... HURRY UP!


Here's a little live Eliza for you... Beware, the high five at the end may slay you with it's cuteness!

Guest Post!
Flowering Tree 2

I am guest posting over at Sandy's place today! If you know her, you love her. Besides having an amazing heart, Sandy's blog is THE place to go for creative entertaining ideas.

Head over to 4 Reluctant Entertainers and explore!

You'll find a new, fantastic blog to read, I promise!
Another Green Suitcase

Another Green Suitcase

I found another green suitcase at the thrift store. This one is extra fancy because it has a mirror.

Perfect for my extra fancy girl.

(The first green suitcase)
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