the Box Store children
Where I live it's popular to hate what they call "box stores" (for those of you who like me didn't know what that means, a box store is one like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, any corporate franchise store). The local issue with these stores is that they tend to drive out small businesses. Now here's my problem. If you hate them so much. . . STOP SHOPPING THERE. Because I do want to shop there and you're taking all the good parking spaces and clogging up the aisles. Either tell me that you don't like them, think they are evil and choose to stay away; or tell me that you do like them and go. And you know what, I like small businesses. I really do. And if a small business sells a product that I like better than a similar product sold at a large retail store, I will buy it at the small business. Key words being, "that I like better". A great big plus about small stores is that you can build a sense of community and establish a relationship with the proprietor/workers. I like that. So be creative and offer a product that I'm looking for. These big stores have been around for a while. They aren't going away, that much is obvious, so adapt your small business accordingly. And another tip, make sure your customers feel welcome and make sure your workers are establishing those relationships. It's the only advantage you have and the main reason most people will continue to come back. Of course, feel free to agree or disagree. Looking forward to your opinion.
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