First round draft

Democrat representative Charles Rangel of N.Y. says that he will propose legislation for the implementation of a draft. Now, while I think that will never happen, a few things have come out of this statement. From what I can tell, most people are against a draft, some people are for it completely. And there is a rising majority that are calling for a mandatory service obligation. I've seen several different descriptions of such an obligation but most follow along these lines, with little variation. After graduation of high school, all mentally and physically stable graduates (or 18 year olds, whichever comes later) would be required to serve their country in some capacity for a minimum of 2 years. Service options would include any of the military branches, federal hospitals, and service oriented organizations like Americorps, or Peacecorps. A short list could be developed of legitimate organizations to choose from. After their service is complete, they can choose to stay on with said organization, or be given a college grant and encouraged to follow an academic route. Personally one change I would make is to nix the senior year of high school. Stop the average senior on the street and they will tell you that they are only taking 1 or 2 required classes. Furthermore, they typically have 1 or 2 study halls during their junior year. So realistically, they could start at 17, be done at 19 and move on to college. Also, during the 2 year service time, they could very easily achieve the same education they would have received during 1 year as a freshman in college. Those introductory core classes could still be taught part time, and in context of real life. How many students graduate college, but don't know how to file a tax return or supervise a group of subordinates. Believe me, as one who has and is taking college on the side. It would not be difficult to finish 1 years worth part time in 2 years. So, now we are left with a 19 year old ready for his sophomore year of college, but also has given back to his country. What do you think. Should there be a Full Military Draft, a Limited Service Obligation, or no change whatsoever?

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