What a Christmas we had!! Having children to share this holiday makes it so amazing. The way Judah's eyes lit up when he saw the presents under the tree- it makes the late nights of shopping and wrapping and secrets all worth while.

The enthusiasm didn't last too long though for Judah, this was him after about 15 minutes. It spiraled downwards through out the present opening process.

Eve on the other hand had a total blast! She would've been happy had we stopped after the butterfly wings and the tutu. Funny how those were the least expensive items we bought her.

Next day we did a stocking for Eve full of candy and all kinds of yummy things for a little girls tummy.

We headed up to our good friends Sam and Tarrah's house to spend Christmas together. We had so much fun. There is always amazing food involved when we visit plus, lots and lots of laughter. We are really going to miss them when we move.

Judah loved Duncan except when he was licked nearly to death. He didn't think that was so much fun.

Look at those impish grins! The men are laughing at Tarrah and I because our ability to understand their humor is lacking. We really don't think that is such a bad thing after all.

The boys got some quality "baby bonding" in. Basically Judah laid on Abraham and called it good.

We ended the night with Tarrah's incredible apple pie and some homemade vanilla ice cream. The girls blew out the candle after we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was the sweetest ending to a really special day. We made a lot of great new memories, it was one of the best Christmas' we have ever had.
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