Our Last Vermont Christmas Tree
Sunday afternoon we went to get our Christmas tree. We like to go to a different place every year so this year we went to Adams turkey farm. Yeah, I know, they sell Christmas trees too.

Eve totally dug the tractor ride down to the Christmas tree lot. She kept saying: "big wheels keep on turning..."

Judah was happy as a clam. He investigated the trees, decided they were pretty boring and plopped himself down to eat snow.

We finally decided on our "perfect" tree, bunny ears and all. Eve was Daniel's moral support with the cutting part.

We found shatter-proof ornaments at Walmart this year. With a 1 year old who loves all things shiny they are a very good thing.

There is no typical beautiful Christmas tree picture because well, it isn't all that beautiful yet. We are shooting to have it done by Christmas. That's reasonable right?!
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