Kennedy vs. Freedom
This week Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) is proposing that we don't add to the fight.

69 Years ago, another Kennedy (Ted's daddy) was the US Ambassador to Britian. Joseph Kennedy rejected the warnings of Winston Churchill that compromise with Nazi Germany was impossible; instead he supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement in order to stave off a second world war that would be a more horrible "armageddon" than the first.

Like Father Like Son. Who thinks it would have been a good idea to stay out of Germany? That the sacrifices of our soldiers weren't worth stopping Hitler?

Let's learn from the past. The last time a Kennedy wanted to shy away from foreign conflict, hindsight proved it to have been a cowardly and foolish desire. Some things are worth fighting for. Thank God that FDR didn't listen to Kennedy and joined another great man, Winston Churchill in not backing down, and in defending the weak.

Now, our President has outlined a new strategy for success. It means adding to the fight. It means defending freedom. Ours and a baby democracy. Some things are still worth fighting for. Freedom is still worth fighting for. If that means that more troops are needed, I'll bet they are willing to go. To do their duty. I am.
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