It's all downhill from here
It's set in stone (or at least on my calender) I'm going skiing at the end of the month. And I'm really excited too. I've been within half an hour of some New England's best ski resorts for almost three years and haven't been yet. So I'm looking forward to a day on the slopes. Here's a few pictures of where I'll be in a couple weeks. There's three of us set to go now, more to come I'm sure as we start inviting people between now and the trip.
This will be my first time skiing this mountain range (the Green Mountains). Growing up as an Air Force brat, I've skied the Alps in Europe, the Sierra Nevadas in California, Mt. Etna in Sicily (the volcano that created the island) and after I enlisted myself I also got to ski in Alaska when I was stationed up there. Then came a nice tour in the flattest land I've ever lived in (North Dakota) where the only skiing around was cross-country skiing, which by the way, sucks. Downhill is where it's at. **Just waiting on the Vermont weather to drop from the balmy 60 degree days we've been having this first week of January.
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