The Wall

I've hit it but I am pretending I haven't. Yesterday I felt "that" feeling start to creep up on me. I told myself: "No Andrea, ignore it, don't pay attention to it!". Unfortunately, that only works for so long. It's that dark January feeling. The wall of the winter doldrums. I find myself in this place every year.

Last year, surprisingly, wasn't bad. Seeing as I had just had a baby and was battling baby weight, total lack of sleep, oh, and a 2 year old I did pretty darn good. I think I was too busy to even hardly notice "them". Plus, I had our babysitter come and be with Eve for 3 or 4 hours once a week so I could get out. That was huge. I don't have that luxury this year because of her schedule. Pretty much it rots. So, I press on. I do what I always do when I get this feeling: I re-arrange. The only room I could do that to was Eve's room. Amidst the "Whatcha doing Momma?" and Judah trying to commit Harikari by climbing/falling over all of the toys I got it done.

I am a bit better now but I still can't figure out why I am feeling this way already. It seems early to me. I will continue to walk my 3 + miles a day, and I am also signing up for a Pilates class sponsored by the town. I am really excited about it as I have just been doing my Pilates by DVD for the last couple of years. I have a few things to look forward to in the next couple of months and while that does help Lord, have mercy on us and please send us somewhere where the winter is more kind and green things still grow. With Alaska, North Dakota and now Vermont in our "cold weather tour book" I am thinking that we deserve some good warm southern air. Don't you?! ....Andrea
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