This is so cliche'
I almost decided to wait until tomorrow to write this but it wouldn't matter.

Before I deployed (summer '06) I was working out (lifting weights) and seeing very slow improvement. When I was deployed I started hitting the gym hard. Real hard. I put on a ton of weight and felt awesome. Then I got back, got busy, and lost a lot of the gains I had gotten. Not all, but enough that I've been (with the gentle prodding of my wife) deciding I need a new fire under me, and that lifting needs to take more of a priority again.

Now, just the other day I was reading on Jake Silver's blog where he was asking about New Years' resolutions. I said that you shouldn't make them, and if you are serious enough to start something, then you should just start it right then instead of waiting for a certain day, i.e. 1 January. That being said, I am starting back in the gym. And unless there is some subconscious prompting for me to start this particular day, it's honestly just coincidence. I just feel so cliche'. So anyway, I will warrant all you New Years' resolutionists out there one thing. It does make for a very convenient way to keep track of your progress because it's so easy to remember the day you started. So here's my goal, I want to put on 15 lbs. before we move in May.
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