Recruiting changes a person. We had Sat-Tues off for Christmas and have Sat-Tues off for New Years as well. And I am so grateful. We've needed a bit of a break. It used to be that I would take my time off and not think any more about work. But I've changed. Now I think about how much momentum I'm going to lose by being out of the office for those extra days. For me, missing a day feels like it sets me back a week. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the regular Air Force. However, I know that this kind of change will stick with me, and I will always be more attached to my job now, as opposed to before I came to recruiting. That's probably the biggest thing on my mind when it comes to thinking about transitioning out of recruiting and into a regular unit. The tempo will be so much more relaxed, and there are two temptations: One, losing all of the inner drive I've developed and get lazy, Two, being overly aggressive and put others out by overworking them, carrying a high pressure approach over from recruiting. I know that somehow I'll find a balance. I also know that I'll be forever changed.
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