The Commissary
Preface: We live 3 hours from the closest Air Force base now that Daniel is in Recruiting duty.

Oh, how I miss you, my dear Commissary.

Every two weeks I plan out my menu, and shopping list, on that Saturday Daniel and I load the kids up for a fun couple hours of shopping.

Okay, so the use of the word fun is a little optimistic on my part.

My life is so much simpler since I have implemented this strategy. A tortured couple of hours in exchange for 2 weeks of meal ingredients and the necessary items for day to day living at my finger tips. This also makes our conscious decision to own only one car much less of a hassle, since I rarely need the van to schlepp the kids around the fine city of Burlington shopping.

But today, the Commissary was like a mirage in the desert....

Daniel was to be otherwise occupied tomorrow so it was either - do all the grocery shopping myself with the two kids, or wait another week to shop with Daniel.

I took the plunge and did the shopping.


The kids were fantastic. But the twenty thousand innocent questions I fielded from Eve almost drove me batty. Judah, he was great - I just kept him well supplied with food and he was happy. Trying to keep Eve from being run over by crazy Vermonters in Costco while reminding her to "walk beside me honey, not in front of the cart" was time consuming just by itself!

Oh, and I was suppose to actually be putting items in my cart to purchase!

3 hours later we were home

Like I said ....Uggg!

I love the Commissary. Not every one does.

Those who don't, complain about the retirees - I love them. I salute them, at the same time jumping out of the way when they try to run me over in the parking lot. They love my children, "oohing" and "aaahing" when we walk past them in the aisle. They have earned the privilege of shopping at the Commissary and I will never fault them.

They also may complain about selection, or cramped aisles etc. etc.

None of that bothers me. I spend half the amount of money at the Commissary than at the regular grocery store. And I can get everything I need there. One stop, one buckling the kids in and out, someone loads my groceries into my van for me, and when you live on base you are literally minutes from your home.

Heck yeah people.

So, dear Commissary...I miss you, let's get together real soon...k?!

After word:
Daniel's commitment for tomorrow, yeah, it got cancelled.
Go figure!
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