Easter in the "Cuse"

This picture pretty much sums up Judah's weekend. It wasn't pretty- at all. A molar, an eyetooth and one regular tooth coming in made for a pretty miserable boy. We managed to have fun regardless; it was so great to see my brother David, he's stationed at Kadena AFB, so it's been awhile since we've hung out. Can't exactly pop over to Japan for the afternoon, unfortunately.

The guys had a blast, hopefully someday we can be stationed together. That would be incredible! Even though my grocery bill would sky rocket, it would be totally worth it.

We had a really nice Easter day; we ate a huge family meal complete with the traditional Lebanese and American dishes; it was loud, delicious, and fun as usual.

The kids totally scored this Easter - a total of 4 egg hunts were attended by our two, and we don't even eat the candy! It was fun to watch them participate; Eve had better watch out, in another year Judah is going to be a force to reckon with! Hopefully they won't have to dig through the snow to find them next Easter- it was absolutely pathetic.

All in all it was a nice weekend; Daniel was able to join the rest of the Air Force in Friday being a "family day", so we had some extra time thrown in there. It was really great to be together. We were able to hang out and enjoy each other during these four days. I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Holy weekend!
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