Daniel and I, with my two brothers David and Sam went bowling on Saturday night. We ended up at a seriously ghetto bowling alley somewhere just short of Syracuse. There were 35 year old women that we could just tell had been bowling every Saturday night at this place since they were 18. The bar was full of locals who thought it of no consequence to hit on me, even with a ring sparkling on my left hand. The music they played wasn't half bad so that was a saving grace, and no yelled at me for taking a million pictures in the pitch black alley. They probably didn't even notice with the out of control disco lights flashing.

We had fun, the boys played well and had lots of laughs. I watched since I didn't bring socks, and there was no way I was sticking my feet in bowling shoes with no socks. After the boys played a couple of rounds we headed over to the air hockey table.

This is where it gets serious for Daniel and me. When we go on dates this is inevitably what we end up doing- air hockey. In Alaska we had a movie theater right next to our apartment building that housed a table, that was the beginning. It has gotten serious now after 5, almost 6 years.

This table was real special; it had a huge sticky spot, paddles that made my hand scream with pain, and a few other broken features - most noticeably the score board.

Daniel foolishly decided to play me best 2 out of 3. I mopped the floor with him. He wouldn't agree, but it is true. I have witnesses. A bit of friendly competition is good for your marriage I have found out.

We left the alley at an ungodly hour, my brothers got some McDonald's and we headed home. My head hit the pillow at 2:30 a.m. but it was a great night, full of memories, great pictures, and a new air hockey win to tease my husband about. Good times.
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