Gone Country

Daniel left at an ungodly hour this morning to work the Air Force tent at the country music festival. Apparently there were fans sprinting, when the gate opened, to get front row seats.That pretty much describes, by itself, all the sights I saw later on when we hung out with him. Moving on..... the kids and I were able to get in for free, have free parking, and receive burgers and fries complimentary. But, the best part was being able to hang out with Daniel while he was working.

On another front, I am still positively giddy after Judah stayed in the nursery at church for all but 10 minutes, and Eve went to kids church (she loved it!) which meant I sat in a church service and actually heard the sermon. This hasn't happened since Judah was born! I'm so glad because it was really good.

We just switched to this church last week because of the much better children's programs they have, shorter service time, and truthfully, a focus on God that superseded the other two churches we have attended while living here. I feel, albeit cautiously, at home in this church. Which is weird because it's unlike any church I have ever attended. Much more formal. But, I was actually excited to go to church today, and knowing that I would be doing it all without Daniel's help, and still anticipating it, was miraculous in itself. Time will tell...
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