Public Service Announcements
** Never try to catch a knife that is falling from on top of the fridge. It will always turn out badly.

** Taking a toddler and a pre-schooler to the bathroom in a very busy toy store will not ever be sanitary or fun, and most definitely will cause you to want to tear your hair out.

** Your pre-schooler will never forget anything you ever told her. Ever.

** A chicken-pox scare is very, very scary. Especially when your friend and her children are going on vacation, but have been recently playing with the child that is now covered in red bumps.

** Transmission work on a vehicle is never cheap.

** Boys throw everything. Everything.

**Toy stores do not promote selfless-ness, a desire to "scale-down", or cause children to not act greedy.

** Some people who work in the customer service arena should never be allowed to come in contact with other human beings.

** Chocolate makes everything better.

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