Unexpected Visitors Be Warned
You ever just feel "Bleh"? That's how I am feeling today. Inspirational, I know.

We had some men from church come by for a visit last night....without calling first. I am not a stickler for calling before you just show up for a visit, but the hours between 4:30 and 7:30p.m. aren't really the prettiest at my house. It's usually very loud, hence the Cinderella record that was blaring, bacon sizzling for BLTs, the kids were jumping on the couch while I was attempting to straighten up the house and vacuum. How I even knew they were at the door is still a mystery. I am pretty sure I turned bright red.

I like to be prepared for those type of visits. I'd liked to not be wearing my exercise clothes, not had a million pillows all over the living room floor; I wouldn't still have old mascara underneath my eyes, or running to the kitchen to save the diner from burning, and Eve wouldn't be asking me to turn the "Jack" song on the Cinderella record to ear-splitting levels. You know, the little things. Oh, well. They were very gracious and Daniel arrived shortly after they did to save me. He's the conversationalist, I am the one who blurts stuff out when I am uncomfortable. It gets ugly. Trust me.
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