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I was thinking ,while rocking Judah to sleep last night, about what I would like to have for this new baby. There's not a whole lot since this is number three and we have accumulated most everything we need. There are a few things I want though. The first one is a good swing. I have not had a swing that has done me a lick of good with either of the kids. Both were older styles, and had been given to me. This time I would like to have one that swings side to side and has a cushion in it...what a novel idea!The next item is a Moses basket. Judah is still in a crib and our house just doesn't have room for two cribs. This basket is an ovesize length so, hopefully, will suffice for the baby until Judah is ready for a regular bed. ( the thought of that transition makes me feel a little ill) I love that it is transportable; theoretically, I can move the baby to a different room without actually disturbing their sleep.

This Moby wrap is next. I love wearing my kids and the Moby wrap seems to fit the bill. It will grow with the baby, and washing it will be a breeze. Of course a ring sling would be wonderful too. The sling I have I period
Moby Wrap

Ring Sling

I will of course be buying another sheepskin for the baby. Judah loves his sheepskin, it is such a comfort to him. I love that anywhere we go he has the same bed to sleep on. It stays cool in the summer and keeps him warm in the winter. The only part I don't like is that it takes about 3 hours to dry in the dryer. But, the sheepskin is worth it's weight in gold to my son.
This is a kiddopotamus. A swaddler blanket, for people like me, who can't seem to swaddle their babies in a way that keeps them secure for longer than 2 minutes. I just can not do a good swaddle. I think I would really like this but am iffy. I am not iffy on whether my baby sleeps better swaddled or not, I know for a fact that it's true. And the extra effort it takes me to swaddle in the middle of the night is just way too much effort. So, that's why I think it could be a good product.

Those are the "wants" I have for this new baby. I am looking forward to tucking each item away as we buy them, all the while hoping they really are as good as I desire them to be. Feel free to leave suggestions in comments about what you have loved/couldn't live without. I am always interested in what has worked for other parents.
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